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Really fucking good, right up my alley

I enjoyed listening to this, thanks for posting the video

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Such sass for no reason.

Sorry, i was only joking, reading back now i see my retort wasnt funny, and I know you're simply helping out, and I should have made it clear I meant free as in 'you wont have to pay for anything if you use letsencrypt' specifically

Anyway, Lets Encrypt being automatically setup by the cpanel wizard is the ideal solution, but this is only available in newer cpanel versions. I believe when added manually, there's another step in setting up the automagic renewal of the certificate which is yearly, I've not done this myself before since ive only used paid-for godaddy certs

Google is tightening up its policies on SSL, but Lets Encrypt seems to still be fine for now, and it makes sense for chipmusic.org to use it considering the DIY nature of the place


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if you have a recording of this for comparison I'd love to hear it, I have a gba as part of my setup I'd be interested in doing this mod on

Doesnt seem to be in anything in Yorkshire, UK, there was a night in manchester that i missed last year, which if it happens again, i will definitely be attending

useless post removed

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I'm not familiar with the specifics of that host but looking at the FAQ it seems to use SiteAdmin or cPanel? Both have some form of SSL Manager in the options that'll let you upload and configure your SSL/TLS. Most managed hosting doesn't allow you to directly touch Apache/server configs but the management interface almost always allows SSL/TLS configuration.

Forcing https:// is just a few simple lines in your .htaccess, something like this:

RewriteEngine On
RewriteCond %{SERVER_PORT} 80
RewriteRule ^(.*)$ https://chipmusic.org/$1 [R=301,L]

I know cpanel deffo does so this is accurate, newer versions of cpanel have a wizard for adding SSL automagically, and the latest ones even support letsencrypt which would be free

If you do end up having to do it manually (if your VPS allows write access to the server config files) then you'll first need to find out if you're running apache or nginx, buy an apache ssl certificate from a provider such as godaddy, go through the process to generate the files required to upload to generate the certificate, upload those to the vps (with ssh i imagine), and reference them in the apache or nginx vhost configurations (depending on your setup). After the sites gone up and down a bunch of times while that config is tested then the .htaccess change can be used to force https if its apache or it'd be in the nginx config if its nginx. I imagine the vps for this forum is pretty old so its probably apache2. I was able to accomplish the manual set up using the digital ocean ssl setup guides even for none-d.o sites

good luck and feel free to message me if you get stuck


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Note: I have two halfs of the link cable (i cut it in half to get it working) and 2 halfs of the midi cable, and a spare full midi cable still, incase the consensus is that i should still just make my own


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This may be a really dumb question but I was wondering if anywhere sells these cables? Every shop ive seen online tells you to make one. ive found a youtube video that instructs how to make them but im not sure if it would work for every arduinoboy.

I bought mine from lowtoy (http://www.lowtoy.com/portfolio/arduinoboy-shield/) and currently have it wired to the gameboy link port like this:
http://s29.postimg.org/c26clzmuf/IMG_0402.jpg, and i'd really like to tidy this up

I'd also really like a case and wondered if anyone knows an easy solution for that. And can you plug in two gameboys without using the screw-down bit


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nstory wrote:

Aivi & Surasshu.

Album is called The Black Box. https://aivi-surasshu.bandcamp.com/album/the-black-box

No vocals though.

Thanks for this, its great


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If anyones made some good music with this I'd love to hear it. I'll be playing with this for sure


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I played the angel_delgato.snm that comes with it and it sounds awesome. The playback is a little bit jittery on my machine but this looks interesting and I'd like to try something a little different to LSDJ for a change. I do most of my music on a windows machine too atm which is useful. Hopefully famitracker tutorials will apply to this. Shame it cant be synced over midi

edit- just checked and found sync

Would love to have one of these, I have a spare clear gameboy shell, pi zero and tft gathering dust on my shelf and im one of these people that cant stomach tampering with the consoles i owned when i was a kid so i have left my GBA as it was meant to be. This would give me use for all the spare bits i got


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Is there any chance you can tell me how i can find the previous compo winner / details?


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On guitar that would be something like 8-finger tapping or sweep-tapping, there are tons of youtube videos on those. Its normally used as a lead technique rather than a chord as mentioned above

Very famous example of lead guitar arpeggios: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=87Iz3RHZNDQ

It may be worth having a chat with Joe Bleeps if you're interested in the prosound mod for the gameboy advance

https://www.facebook.com/JoeBleeps/phot … mp;theater