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Hey thanks for trying

Do you know if these devices actually work with an ultimate 64 anyway? I borrowed a friends datel midi cart and ran cynthcart as a prg and it didnt work. Worked in my breadbin though running on an sd2iec.. perplexing.


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Sure, theres no rush

If it's too much trouble to bother let me know



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Which type of interface did it turn out to be


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Sure, thanks


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I'm not sure what they're worth. I would be using it to run cynthcart which would have been included in a kerberos cart but I'm assuming I would be able to run cynthcart on an sd2iec, and the devices you listed are on the cynthcart compatibility list, so should be fine

Just a first suggestion but £100-£200? ($120-$250)


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Yep that's why I seeked out kerberos


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Thanks, my schematic reading isnt the best though so I was hoping i could buy from a seller


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They all seem to be out of stock everywhere. Kerberos being the most desirable

I'm running cynthcart and sidwizard from an sd2iec and I have an ultimate 64 elite in the works

Can anyone help a brother out? I will pay good coin.



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You guys aware that the switch has been rooted now? I hear its pretty simple. They got ubuntu running on it already. Exploit was in the tegra chip

30 years old, went to school, college, university, now working in website development. Married, finding time to chiptune is hard. we dont have kids so we go out for meals/drinks with friends a lot. Im down to using my gameboy pocket on my lunch breaks at work, but i'd like to take holiday to spend quality time at my DAW station with my gb, and gba and the sms famitracker synced in. got into music when i was 16 and picked up a guitar, was into shredding at 20. had 2 piano lessons recently but had to ditch it for driving lessons because im sick of stealing trolleys to wheel broken tvs and stuff to the dump site


This looks really cool. Was audiosurf an inspiration by any chance? Loved that game


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rumpelfilter +1

Is there room for RCA Left and Right sockets to fit onto the gameboy pocket case? Got some spares lying around and wondered if it was worth trying. Im really hoping to mount them to the sides, not having them stick out of the front panel or back panel

I did some searching but could only find gameboy colors modded with RCA, and it was on the back

If you reckon its not worth it then i'll just do the 8mm jack and save the RCA for another DMG

Also, googled to check if EMS cart running lsdj will run on pocket and found mixed results. Some say its fine, others say it doesnt work. Im hoping if i skip the backlight, it'll have enough power for the cart. Is this the smart thing to do, or should i give up on the cart and put a backlight in instead?



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Enjoyed this, its nice to hear something slower and slightly darker


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Interested in the gameboy pocket, pm'd