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Jeroen Tel (The man...THE LEGEND) did some sad songs and 2 of em' are my favorite chiptunes of all time ! Totally helped me a lot when my dad died 2 1/2 years ago !



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Absolutely love this for many of the same reasons as above. Well done

I can also give my recommendation for Thursday Customs. I got mine from there and its been perfect. Even the paint job was well done

If you're in Europe then probably Joe Bleeps as the customs tax on shipping is expensive


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All my work mates seem to want to listen to is this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qJdMjRHRLfg which is Arnie saying down up down up


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cTrix wrote:
tearauth wrote:

Would also love to get some use out of my saturn. Its been hiding in the cupboard since soon after release!

Get ready to perhaps brush the dust off it in 2017... something MAY be coming to allow easy porting to the Saturn.  I shot a video demoing some pretty rad tech.  Just waiting on some screen-shots of the ROM launcher - because I want to actually show it working.  Will keep y'all posted ;-)

Frantically looking forward to this smile

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nitro, can you offer some insight into digital ocean? What do you host there, what plan are you one, etc?

I use digital ocean to host a freebsd server for a wordpress site, its visited enough and has an ecommerce plugin running (ecommerce) and it only costs me roughly $6 a month (low traffic). First 2 months I got free with a promo code that gave me ten dollars of credit

I am in UK but am happy enough with this to carry on using it, and the server is actually in UK too as you choose destination

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I'm 19 and most of the chipmusicians I know are in their mid-20s to early-30s. If you go to an open mic at an all-ages chipshow there's a good chance you'll see people who are even younger than 18 (and they're the ones who tend to do the bad LSDJ stuff). If you go towards the more demoscene-y side the average age is probably higher though.

Could you provide an example of the typical 'bad lsdh stuff' you might hear from people younger than 18? im interested

running out of pepsi and annoying the wife are my limitations


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Thanks, this was exactly the issue. works like a dream now. I would not have guessed that 'key delay' meant the buttons


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Thanks, I did have a look through all of the options as i did not get a 'broken feeling' from it but didnt spot that, i think that its possible that when trying the different sync modes it must have cycled and altered that control. I'll try it when i get home from the gym

Having a problem with a DMG. I use it for LSDJ with a 64mb flash cart and for some reason recently the sensitivity when moving the cursor in LSDJ has gotten a bit crazy. Pressing up very briefly makes the cursor jump several spaces (makes it hard to edit patterns)

Wondered if anyones had this happen before? or if you know anything about the hardware that could cause this?

* Not tried another game yet but wouldnt know what to try
* Started happening soon after i tried an arduinoboy and spent time getting the cables connected to the wrong pins on it
* DMG cpu 08
* DMG is backlit/pro-sound modded and buttons are custom painted

I have no idea where to start, hardware isnt one of my strengths

IMHO not everyone can work with just the manual alone, i personally found the manual hard to read until after watching a few youtube tutorials and making a basic tune (and I already knew hex from college).

Just keep motivated and pick up your gameboy as often as you can, its great for killing time on the go. I actually prototype a song in LSDJ first and bring it to my other tools/DAW afterwards


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So deep..


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Well I think that it all started on a cold winter morning for me. 4AM and still dark, the snow beat on the roof as though the world were against me and I thought- 'Is this happening outside, or is it happening inside of me, or both'. To that end I was inspired to mix the dark and brutal reality of nature with the technology and industry of the modern day, and to show that mixture in an anti-political and cyberpunk statement. These feelings inside me are yet to die and so I carry on


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Love your work dude listening right now


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Thanks, this will be really useful