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specs please! big_smile

i think its a 1000mhz Athalon 64 with 1 gb of ram. cant check atm because inbthe process of trying to do a fresh install of Win XP SP3 i formatted the disc and then it crapped out and after 6 hours of trying i still cant get the thing to work. im guessing the USB CD drive im using just isnt robust enough for this. my notalgia is very quickly fading.

Soo my dad recently bought a replacement for the old Emachines computer that has been in the family since i was in elementary school and i inherited it.

this was the computer I used to play DOOM II on with my sister on and later RuneScape, and ive been interested in making music with the Microsoft Wavetable synth since that sound is super nostalgic to me. any help would be appreciated!

If this project goes well im gonna have to crowdfund a virtual boy.

...and figure out how to mod it for composite video out

Soo i know about Cubase & I know there are a handful of trackers for the ST's built-in sound hardware, but is there any software out there that will let me sequence external gear and the ST's sound chip at the same time?


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one big thing for me is the need for easier to use software. i wouldn't even bother with chip music if it weren't for Nanoloop & the Pocket Operators making it easy to incorporate into my workflow.

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don't do it!

do what?

i was messing around with my new roku and the idea popped into mt head of running a mod tracker on it and how goofy that would be, and then that got me wondering what the weirdest gadgets yall have used to make music. personally im pretty vanilla, so the weirdest thing ive messed with is the ocarina in OoT

i just stumbled upon what seems to be an officially released mod tracker of sorts for GBA called Pocket Music. messed around with it for a bit and the in built sounds are pretty terrible and the process of actually writing any music is super clunky and time consuming, but something about working with it sucked me in. does anyone else have any experience with this program or better yet, any material recorded with it?

gamefaqs review: … iews/54840

this is the tutorial I followed to get things working

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That cart is for GBA games. You'd need to go through additional steps to get DMG or GBC games to play from it.

Do you know what those steps might be?

Bought an EZ Flash Omega to run LSDJ since it was the cheapest flash cart i could find, but for some reason none of my DMG or GBC roms are showing up on the file menu. the website and all the reviews I've seen advertise it as a simple drag and drop process, so i don't know what i could be doing wrong. any help would be appreciated


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...why do you have so many GB cameras?

So, I have a handful of songs i wrote on guitar, drums, and bass, but im thinking about replacing some of the instrumentation I have with sounds from my Gameboys and Pocket-Operators (mostly just to justify the purchases XD). Does anyone have any recommendations for music that does a simmilar thing that i should listen to?

reminds me of the end of the race music in Ridge Racer


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no, you dont.


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do i need to pay any extra for the updated rom?