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in UK - on at  £60.


can confirm v1 definitely doesn't work with flash carts properly. Which caused me a lot of headaches transplanting power boards in and out of a modded DMG....

also, I'm reasonably sure (hopefully someone can confirm for 100%) the 6v from the psu/batteries is regulated down to 5v anyway?

This is probably useful - and says the Pocket steps up the 3v from the batteries to 5v internally which I think probably suggests the gameboy architecture is based on 5v too...

https://handheldlegend.com/blogs/news/v … s-a-primer

you can get 5v from the link port (it's sometimes tricky to get a link cable connected to it properly, but you can always mod one...)

I have an arduinoboy that is powered this way, so you could use this to power the nano.
I think you can just use a step up converter to get from the lipo to 5v (but maybe do some googling as to one that is suitable to use with the lipo?).

obviously I can't promise anything in this uncertain world, but the one i have has no button issues.

the one I got off bay linked above (with plastic bracket) didn't seem to have the light leak issue tbh,

I might try to get a kit to install to a DMG that has a messed up the screen from a previous attempt to install a classic  backlight mod years ago.

this is pretty much why i did it, had a DMG that I bought cheap with a really bad backlight and a horizontal line or two.

oh, and the prosound on this particular one is just an internal one.

the GBAs are both v2.

bought the DMG one from this seller;

https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Pre-cut-8-Co … 2749.l2649

so no idea really! it certainly works though.

I put one into a DMG the other day and if anything I think it probably sounds better than it would with an old-style backlight. Maybe even better than stock.

I have a GBA and an SP with them fitted too. They seem to sound pretty much as good as GBAs sound, I certainly didn't notice them getting worse.

The GBA ones really look pretty amazing. The DMG one makes it feel like you're using a completely different device - I can see how people might think that's a negative for gaming, but as I only really use mine for music it's made it a lot more pleasant experience. It feels like the buttons are better too (although that might just be because original boards have dirt all over them!)

I've only got through one set of batteries on the DMG, but it feels like it might be using quite a bit of power.. Would be good to do a like for like comparison on that at some point.

Neither of my EMS carts seems to switch ROMs anymore.

As they're runinng out... Just wondering if there's any way to fix this anyone knows of?

Bit annoying having to load ROMs to the cart all the time... (although less annoying than it would have been before ems qart at least!)

edit - this was not the answer!

but I think the answers to 1 is "yes" and 2 is "there are two channels", so two mono or one stereo?
You could of course combine samples to have them play as one sound.


https://forums.serenesforest.net/index. … -in-sappy/



There might be some useful titbits in here/he might be a good person to try and talk to?



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Well, I never got that working but I found a half finished old Arduinoboy, fixed it up and that now works. Not really sure why that works and the teensy boy didn't, but at least it's synched up.

Thanks for all the suggestions!


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barbeque wrote:
Duck wrote:

I am right in thinking there are three sync modes aren't I? MIDI slave is first, showing nothing? It's not the same as "a"?

So confused as to why I can't get it working...

a is for an incoming analog click to set the timing of the sync and after that is m which is midi out as master. what devices are you trying to slave to your nanoloop? ive had trouble getting my built midi cable to start my digitakt, but works on my tb03. so i just route my tb’s midi out to my digitakt and that works out well.

thanks - yeah it's a Digitakt and ableton through a MIDI interface I can't get to start, so maybe the Digitakt is just a no go because of the voltage.

The annoying thing is that I also can't get the teensyboy to work in nanoloop mode, when I know this is working for someone else..... I might have to have another go at getting an arduinboy I built going and see if that is any more use.