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Clearing out stuff I don't use anymore so I thought I'd let you guys see what I got. Shipping to continental US only. Thanks for looking!

Sega Master system with 2 controllers, av cable and 5 games but NO power supply. Works with a 9v negative tip (guitar pedal) power supply $95 shipped!

Yamaha FB-01 FM synth. It's got those Sega Gen sounds you need. Banks 1 and 2 have some presets I found on the internet some years ago. Includes manual. $90 shipped

Thanks guys!

I'll take that Groovesizer.

This might also be useful. I'm planning on installing one in a tascam I just got working.

herr_prof wrote:

you can just record them in like you would a tape deck.

Mind explaining a bit more? Does involve hacking up some sort of MIDI-1/4in or 1/8in cable? This sounds very interesting.


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Just use some isoprophyl alcohol and your thumbs. Pour some on the LCD where the adhesive is.  Let that soak for a minute then start pushing the adhesive towards the edge of the screen. It takes a while but it works. Just try not to slip and rip the ribbon cable to the board. I've used this method more times than I can count.

sorry, got it.


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plug the midi cable from the arduinoboy to the electribe's midi out. set lsdj sync to MIDI mode and then hit start on the song screen. it should say WAIT on the side. then hit start on your electribe.

Thanks Lazerbeat.

Awesome video on midi controlled circuit bent instruments.


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I do but it's one of the first versions. I got it two years ago. Some functions aren't implemented yet.

Telerophon wrote:
Catf1sh wrote:

Will that remove sharpie? Because my gameboy is heavily doodled upon.

Try rubbing alcohol for the sharpie too, but this doesn't always completely remove it, especially upon textured plastic.

Nope. Toothpaste.

Apply toothpaste to a cloth and rub it into the shell.


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Exactly. I really like those Asus transformer tablets but there's no Android software to control my midi enabled consoles. Not like the iOS which has a ton off apps.