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Hell yes!


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Download For Free Here: Bandcamp

Released on Chaos Machina

Steeped in sweat and pain, mostly from the countless hours of cardio inspiration, Rally J's first release on Chaos Machina Records is sure to jack you up for the next time you hit the gym, the streets, or vibing hard in your bedroom. This is five tracks of Game Boy fury.


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Full time college student. Studying to get my BS in Nursing.

Living in the LA area, I'd say I'm pretty lucky. There are a bunch of people that produce, hold shows, and are just awesome guys and gals. It is hard to break into if you are really busy though. Since I'm full time college student in an advanced program, its difficult to find time to attend a bunch of shows and make connections to get my name out for future shows/get my music around.

Overall though, its pretty damn awesome out here.

So glad I found this thread. Have been messing around with it and here are some I thought came out cool.

I will be contacting you shortly!!


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This is pure insanity. Amazing work!


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Those are incredible.

1. Untied Shoes
2. 2spooky4me
3. Ambidextrous
4. The Southern Ball

cheapshot wrote:

Keep your eyes on this youtuber too. He will probably have all sets up by the end of the week. http://www.youtube.com/user/monkeyturn/ … amp;view=0

He already has NNNNNNNNNN's set up. Which to be honest was the most destructive thing that happened to blip ever.

Oh my....

This is so SICK.

Sick flyer. Might call in sick at work to drive down and see everybody.

All my friends that are musicians find it quite intriguing.

The people that aren't just think its just noise and disregard it.

I salute you on this endeavor! Good luck and I'm sure you will do great.


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Happy Birthday Trash80! heart

I used to constantly Milkytracker poo. In fact, I think I learned the basics of a tracker while number 2.