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Im totally a netlabel customer, love them and have done for a long time. I see net labels as part quality filter and part curators. If you want prog awesomeness, check out ubik, if you want crazy space weirdness then kitten rock,
As a customer
1) What, if any, influence does a label has on your purchasing habits?

A lot, pretty much all the music I listen to in the last 6 or 7 years is from a net label. Originally when I started getting into chipmusic candymind (where I found goto80 and psilodump) and monotonik (where I found virt and pink/gjier) had just closed down, retinascan (where I found Stu, Jellica and 8gb) was big for physical releases and pause (where I found alex mauer, , joshmorse, disasterpeace and norrin radd), 8bitpeoples (where I found yerzmyey, linde, random and bit shifter and mr spastic and IAYD) literally changed my life, see blip Tokyo/squaresounds. I think Ubiktune (where I found C-jeff, karfobos and fatal snipe) were just starting up. Other favorites were DWD, Kitternrock and Da heard it. Also big fan of hexawe, bleepstreet and telefuture. Also I have bought a load of cheapbeats albums

2) Do you prefer to buy directly from an artist, or through a label?

No preference but my chances of finding you if you are on a net label / were on a net label are far far higher.

3) What are you top three favorite labels and why?

Couldn't choose 3 I love to many, Recently basebit records, dataairlines and cheapbeats have been getting most of my iphones play time.

4) What would you consider a appropriate price range for chiptune albums?

Im reluctant to pay more than about 7 bucks for digital.

5) Does the storefront (bandcamp, custom website, etc) influence your purchases?

Unlikely to buy if not on bandcamp, all my netlabel stuff is nicely collected there and I don't want to have to re register all my information for just one purchase.

6) Your opinion on physical copies? (cd, tape, vinyl, etc)

Don't personally buy them, I am all digital for books, music and movies (oddly not for comics though)

7) Your opinion on merch? (tshirts, stickers, garter belts, et)

Love it, I have a drawer full of shirts and a gig box covered in stickers.

kometbomb wrote:

How heteronormative.

I tink wer hve n00bstars next album title

Woo hoo! Thanks for updating.

No but the FB01 is SUCH a good synth, Alex Mauers custom sound videos still blow me away!

So, a quick thought, seeing as Klystrack has progressed to a point where you need a modernish laptop or a desktop to run it rather than a netbook, I was wondering it if might be an idea to rethink the interface a bit taking larger resolution. A reorganization of the instrument screen with parameters labeled a bit more clearly and grouped more logically would do wonders to make the software more user friendly.

Thoughts everyone?

I'm glad we had this talk

It isn't? I've had it in my klys folder for ages. I just assumed it was included.

You called it crazy BTW.

Yeah, it is pretty slow on my laptop (thinkpad t410 from about 2010) since FM got added. I am not sure netbooks could run Klys any more. It is super on on a laptop though. I am just using n00bstars kind of crazy but kind of works mapping with that addition for instrument selection. You are welcome to add it for n00bstar set up laptop compatibility though!

Quick question, I am trying to map instrument select to F11 and F12 but I am not having much luck. I have this in my keymap file


Any idea what I am doing wrong?


Whoops, had it backwards,



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Hmmm, unfortunately, these seems to be a build error? It boots ok but looks like fonts are missing ?

"[WARNING] SDL_RWFromBundle file font.bmp not found"

heart Downloading now.

Gorgeous themes!

Was the 64 bit linux version updated? I just downloaded and it still show 1309?

n00bstar wrote:

There are so many classic FM sounds that are impossible to achieve in Klystrack because of the simple ADSR. At least just a Level parameter on Attack. That would reaaaaally open up possibilities.

Testify brother!


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The force is strong in this one. Awesomely strong in fact.

In his premiere full-length, Awesome Force takes you on an otherworldy adventure, exploring various genres and emotions through 10 unyielding tracks. From the bleak to the prosperous, this album takes you to the edge of infinity and back!!

Live long and chiptune!

Note: Downloads and CD purchases include all art pieces!

"Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known."

Click here to purchase. CD $10 / Digital $6

1. It's Full of Stars 01:06
2. Standing on the Shoulders of Giants 03:47
3. Pale Blue Dot 05:33
4. Invitations 04:35
5. Ishmael 03:38
6. Dinosaurs 03:58
7. Petrostate 04:07
8. One-Zero-Seven 03:26
9. The Story of Everything... 02:59
10. ...And How It Will End 02:28

Music: Awesome Force
Mastering: Tri Angles (itsmisterangles.bandcamp.com)

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I want to head the something!