Well shit.

School and shit took over, and only just wrapped up one for uC.  Didn't see the deadline until now.


OP's a fag.

Put me down for "What Child is This" so far.

Sounds like a chip.mo Christmas collab needs to happen then!

Someone else host it; I've never set up a bandcamp page and I'm guaranteed to screw it up just in time for the holiday season.

I fucking love Christmas music.

I also fucking love making them.

Any collab albums going around for one yet?  Two more months, man.



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Put me down as interested.  Have a deadline set in mind?

Dibs on "Smoke," if anything.


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So it's, like, Dungeon (Dwelling) of Duels, but for chip music, right?  A monthly competition?

Looks boss.  I might contribute.

The irony of this video is that this is what happens to the supergroup Anamanaguchi EVERY SINGLE DAY.


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This is one of the few dance-y things I have, use it if you'd like.

http://chipmusic.org/pieces+of+eight/mu … -erase-her

Carbon:  I have a good stack of samples like those already I use, but good note; I'll look into making my own samples when I go back to ModPlug-ing.

Someone already clued me in on the VGM format.  That's a whole 'nother can of worms I'll get around to one day, haha.

Also from the fami fourms, someone dropped this (http://famitracker.com/forum/attachment … c_play.zip) that a "JSR" created two years back that plays all windows of Fami already open.


OK, Prob solved, thanks to jrlepage.


I wouldn't have thought that an option in the Config would keep this from happening, tbh.  : |

I'm familiar with how to achieve an echo effect on one channel (enter the same note three/six rows down, drop the volume 50/75% of the original value, etc); but I'd prefer using a dup'ed channel for what I usually do with my leads; a preference I know is not readily available without some sacrifice.

As for vrc6, I'd have to play around with the Sawtooth channel some more, but so far the sound I'm getting out of it isn't what I had in mind.   

Like I said before, I'm just now venturing into the Wonderful World of Famitracker.   big_smile

Nah, I'm not doing this for more bass.  Rather, I'd like two pulse channels for the lead (one channel for an echo/delay), and two more pulse channels for an accompanied line, but I also want a pulse channel so I can have more freedom with a bass line.  With your suggestion in mind, I may just have to have two separate files and have the duplicate have the "echo" only.  I had in mind that two Fami windows would be less complicated and time consuming in the end.

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I'm new to famitracker, coming from using MPT for a long time. To help myself learn the program better, I'm creating tunes that I've done on MPT in Fami.

Seeing as the triangle channel's volume is unable to be altered, I thought using one of the extra pulse channels on MMC5 as a workaround would be suitable if I wanted a more detailed bass line; I see that there isn't exactly an option to create as many pulse/DPCM channels as one would like.

One particular track needs just one extra pulse channel to really shine, but I'd rather not tango with FDS and the like at the moment, and do not want to give up my pulse-bass. I thought of opening up two instances of famitracker to reach the desired effect, as I figured this is possible (albeit redundant) in MPT, but it's just not happening.

Is there any way possible to have two Famitracker applications open at the same time? Or do I have to bite the bullet and try one of the other module formats?

Also, if this is in the wrong section, please move it; thanks much.


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Oh look; it's out already.  : 3



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(As in, Tomorrow)


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