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+1 on the plastics paint. Somewhere around here Thretris talks about Krylon x-metals, which is a great example of a paint that soaks right into the gameboy.

my result:

definitely textured, but no more than the gameboy was before. No sign of chipping yet.


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Time is money. You won't see me hassling them about that price, but you also won't see me paying it, because I can do most of that work myself.

Ironically, that is exactly why I feel their price is valid.

If it looks like a knocked off surface resistor, smells like a knocked off surface resistor, disconnects the battery from the circuit like a knocked off surface resistor, and is talked about on other forums like a knocked off surface resistor...


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No issues here, downloaded all 3. Really excellent first EP, and lots of great moments on the rest. Great work as always, looking forward to your next "serious" release. smile

What, plugged in direct, or through an amp?


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Man, lots of variety here.

Classical piano for 12 years - except for the last half of that, my teacher and I mostly talked and studied 70's progressive rock...
Performed with a pretty big children's choir through elementary/middle school.
Seriously studied trombone for about 6 years through middle school/high school.
Took some bass guitar lessons in high school.
Went to college as a trombone major, but switched to composition as soon as they'd let me. Wrote for weird sized ensembles, unusual instruments.

Now self taught on accordion, drums, guitar, percussion. Work at the University I never graduated from, fixing, building, maintaining electronic gear for the music and theater departments. Do some professional theater sound design work, composing for dance.

I play and have played in a lot of different bands, almost always playing multiple instruments. Currently, a 6-piece folk/rock/chamber band, just stopped playing drums and synths in a 3-piece electro/rock/hip-hop/whatever outfit (they moved), and pursuing a chip project and a non-chip project of my own. I occasionally play low brass for Pomplamoose (the youtube band, not the J. Arthur Keene album).

I am very performance oriented, and have begun working in theater and dance related situations more and more, and concerning myself with costuming and dramatic elements in my music.
Build instruments more and more. I dabbled in chiptunes years ago, and am now getting back into it in a pretty serious way - writing, programming, modding.