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shitbird +1

nanoloop sold

I've made music with all kinds of homemade instruments and found objects but this piece for contrabass flute and ti83+ is probably the wildest combo.
https://meerenai.bandcamp.com/track/etu … calculator

the ti83+ part was programmed in v1 of irrlichtproject's ti calc tracker

Some things that have been taking up space on my desk too long.
Photos are here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1kTUky … xCyAEYetZR
All items are priced shipped CONUS, I'll ship anywhere else but you pay cost. Payment via Paypal friends & family or you cover fees.

I'm looking for original DMG battery covers in green and blue, and will value them highly in trade. I would also consider interesting drive/distortion pedals, or a very small powered eurorack case.

Gameboy Micro - dinged up but working fine, I've performed with this and used it for music and never had a problem. It probably needs a new battery soon. Comes with charger.
$70 shipped CONUS

Cobalt Blue 3DS - Apparently a color not sold in the US. In good condition other than the paint chipping around the edges of the bottom half. Works perfectly. Stylus included. NO CHARGER INCLUDED.
$65 shipped CONUS

Super Mario Bros 25th Anniversary DSi XL - BROKEN TOP SCREEN. iFixit lists this repair as "very difficult" and the replacement part is almost $90 - but it would be a great source of spare parts for your otherwise broken DSi XL, or possibly compatible parts with a 3DS.
https://www.ifixit.com/Guide/Nintendo+D … ement/3577
$15 shipped CONUS

EZ-Flash IV with 2GB MiniSD card - works perfectly, has some Star Wars themed skin installed that I couldn't figure out how to remove, and a bunch of games and music programs installed.
$50 shipped CONUS

hmu y'all


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Oh!is the spacing the same on this? CanI replace a v1 or v2 without more driling?


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Hey folks,

My wife let the kids play with my gameboys and the battery covers on two of them broke. Before I replace them with non-matching Loomis/Kitsch-Bent ones, I figured I'd ask here.

Willing to pay for replacement blue or green Play-It-Loud battery covers in good condition. Could also trade, I have some interesting cartridges and a PISSbox and things like that that I'm not using. I also have way more CCTV cameras than I need, so if anyone uses those for visuals that could be a cool trade.

Yes, I realize the blue, in particular, is a hard thing to find. Willing to pay international shipping if necessary.

Anyway, PM me. Thanks!

Silly question - can HT1 and HT2 be installed side by side on one calc?

Okay, pricing this stuff is hard so I'm hearing offers on anything. If you think my price is way off point don't be afraid to speak up.
This is all first-come-first-serve, except that I'm giving preference to anyone who wants to buy multiples of the vinyl, because it's gonna save everyone a lot of hassle.
YOU PAY ACTUAL SHIPPING ON THE VINYL. Shipping vinyl is a load of dicks, in a bad way. Sorry. I will use actual recycled vinyl shipping materials and it will get to you safely and as cheaply as possible.

Seal of Quality: Affective Design 12", completely sealed, I accidentally ordered it twice because it's that good. $10
cex: Role Playa 12", has all the paper junk it came with. $5
Infinity Shred: Sanctuary, double LP, played some, well taken care of $30
6955 LP, with insert and junk, a bit o' wear & creasing on the sleeve, $5
Mobb Beep: Modificeret LP, the sleeve has some edge damage on top and bottom $10
Anamanaguchi: Endless Fantasy, somehow I wound up with an extra vinyl? Fully sealed double vinyl. $15

Various Radiograffiti releases (second image) - $2.50 each. Please buy more than one. tongue
They all cost $5 new. They are all in great condition, the Stagedivers have slightly messed up plastic sleeves as you can see.

Doc Pop special edition Nanoloop: $70 shipped, barely used. Still has Doc's music on it. I keep thinking Nanoloop could be for me and it is not.

My wife and I have other things for sale, check them out here, I'd love to combine shipping on stuff.

Also, if you buy multiple things, I'll probably throw my own releases in on the deal if they fit in the package. smile

No trades right now, cash money only (via paypal), or if you're local you can pick stuff up.


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Those versions of LSDJ aren't even listed in the LSDJ version history. Either way, you should have sync set to "NANO" so it will make the clock adjustment.

Try adding another one. It just sounds like too much current draw. Internal resistor could be shorted, for example.


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I'm with the prof. I have six derps, but I've never actually needed a backup. no complications, no failures. I have four set up with their gameboys for performance, one sav file each. I have two set up as my "working" carts, with LittleFM so I can keep different savs for different projects.

Have you considered 2XLSDJ with a DMG and a GBC? That way you get access to DMG sound quality as well as GBC processor power.


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The rockband keyboards only output on MIDI channel 1. Super fun li'l thangs!


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^ truth


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Well if you've actually traced power to the power in on the chips, that's pretty telling.

Does the power LED light? Have you tried the out jack as well as the speaker?


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This, and they do exist in stereo, but if they're all the same device or at least have the same output level/impedance, you can get or build a very simple summing mixer with no level controls that should work fine. I did this with a band for awhile, just a little box with connectors and resistors - had three gameboys plugged in just to switch songs quickly but only used one at a time.