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The One Electronic wrote:

Ok I just made the most convoluted mess ever but whatev

Oh my god this is totally the setup I was dreaming of when I originally got that sync box, looks great! smile

Okay - apologies to everyone out of the US who wanted the FB-01s, I was very slow in gathering the info on it, and when I finally got it worked out, shipping cost and methods were prohibitive. They have been traded within the US now. Thanks!

Also, Patchblocks sold and thread updated!


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Hey jaytee; I just sent you a PM back. Sorry for my delay.

Yes - apologies for the delay, but it was sold semi-locally after all. Sorry akira!

RJL wrote:


Seconded. Her nonchalant yet emotional vocal style is top notch, and the guitar/gameboy relationship in this band is fantastic.

jaytee wrote:

Did you get my PM re: FB-01s?

Yes, sorry - last few days have been super swamped. Give me one more day. smile

akira^8GB wrote:

Is the Nomad gone?

Someone semi-local has requested it, but hasn't actually paid for it or met up with me. I can make an effort to resolve that and let you know the result if you're interested.

NoyzBotChip wrote:

I feel you. I have a unit it TP as well x.x;

I know! I don't get it!

Bump because how do I still have these damn FB-01s with this cool new patch editor software out and about?

Jeez, I just noticed this, right on! Was this the result of this 2011 thread?
http://chipmusic.org/forums/topic/3596/ … ngle-song/

I'd still be overjoyed to see the actual song merge feature come to fruition... but this is a rad tool regardless. Thank you! smile

Okay there goes like half the stuff in the thread - still got those Yamaha synths, the thingamagoop - did I mention it has CV in/out?... and PATCHBLOCKS!


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These are so wonderful, thank you!

Bumping for price drops on everything! Really ready to get these things out from under my desk...

edited to reflect SammichSID sale - bye little buddy!

Still have a killer deal on two FB-01s, a modded NES, an NES powerpak...

edited post to reflect sold items, including the speak n spell, sorry Brother Android!

jmc1987 wrote:

Does that Digitech pedal include an AC adapter?

Sorry, I should have specified. No, it does not! It also runs on 6 AA batteries, I believe.