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Great release. Got the disks not long ago, felt good to fire up my old floppy drive for this!

This looks amazing. Wish I could be there.


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I really like this.


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This is really really nice.


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I love this.

And as a heads up to friends in the Netherlands (and the EU in general) — CDs are now available at the excellent shop Bitropolis, located in picturesque Utrecht. (They offer EU mailorder too, which means European customers can sidestep America's obscene international postage costs.) 

https://bitropolis.nl/entertainment/muz … -blues-cd/

Thanks everyone for the support and the kind words so far!

For anyone in NYC, I wanted to mention that the CD is now in stock at Rough Trade NYC in Brooklyn (actually for cheaper than I'm selling it via mailorder), so please pick one up next time you hit this excellent store.
64 N 9th St, Brooklyn, NY 11249

Thanks for the kind words and the support everyone — it means a lot.

Alternate Dementia wrote:

The mix on this is a face melter! Is this all hardware? The Kick and Snare on Hypervigilance especially is absolutely perfect!!

It's all hardware, but my friend Luke who did the mixing & mastering is a sorcerer when it comes to isolating / highlighting individual elements & making everything sound big in general.



① Commit
② The Diving Bell
③ The Butterfly
④ ・
⑤ Hypervigilance
⑥ Maneuverer
⑦ The New Normal
⑧ ・・
⑨ Rough Weather
⑩ Au Revoir Soleil

Mixed and mastered by Luke Chaos
Artwork, layout & design by vaporstack (andrew macfarlane)

Available for download and on professionally manufactured compact disc. (CDs ship worldwide starting 9/28; also available at upcoming shows in the meantime in Tokyo & Kyoto).

BandcampSoundcloudSpotifyiTunesGoogle Play

Wish I could see this in the flesh! That's a killer lineup.

I ordered it before you even posted this


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Kris Keyser's long overdue return (and first full-length release) packs the same powerful danceable songs you've come to expect, along with some unexpected twists and turns. Reviver is the culmination of nearly a half-decade of meticulous tracking, battle-testing, and iteration. Recorded and mixed by Luke Silas and mastered by Jeremiah Johnson.

artwork by Kris Keyser.

01 Titan
02 OK
03 Reviver
04 Execution Strategy
05 Hi Mark
06 Out Of Bounds
07 Classik
08 Parallax
10 Cutting Ties
11 Traveler

// DOWNLOAD 8BP139 //


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This is fantastic.

Hey didn't see this posted yet so I thought I'd post it up. Excited to throw down in about a week and a half in San Francisco for FreqFestSF v3.0, with tons of outrageous talent.

Get your tickets here; full details below from the Facebook event page:

8bitSF resurrects the Freq.Fest monster for a third summertime marathon of chiptune madness! Each evening features a wide and eclectic lineup of artists devoted to making new music with old hardware.

For Freq-y Friday, we present an all-star lineup of classic chiptune artists from the East Coast's 8bitpeoples netlabel, all veterans of the long-running Blip Festival, reunited under DNA Lounge's roof!

Capping off the lineup is an extra-special three-way mashup set of Monobomb Records bands featuring a variety of performers presenting tracks from all three bands' catalogs: Crashfaster, Striplicker and Delorean Overdrive!

DAY ONE: Thursday, 7/19/18
Curious Quail
Telepathic Birds
Nikola Whallon
Violence Mars
Nick Drexler

DAY TWO: Friday, 7/20/18
8bitpeoples Blip Festival Reunion:
Bit Shifter

Monobomb Mashup Set:
crashfaster x Striplicker x Delorean Overdrive

Claire Kwong
Neon Death Cat

With DJ Mr. Smith

doors @ 7pm; show @ 7:30pm
all ages

$25 advance 2-day pass
$18 daily at door

Flyer artwork by Hekkate

Gonna be good, come out and rage.

FreqFestSF v3.0
July 19 - 20 at DNA Lounge
375 Eleventh Street, San Francisco CA 94103

Facebook event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/164231724429858

Flier by Hekkate


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This is amazing.