Well I truly appreciate the support and the incredibly kind words. heart heart heart That means more to me than I can express. It's funny, today's my first time on here in like a year too, nice to bump into a friendly face!


Can barely believe it myself yikes, but it's true — fifteen years after its original release on 8bitpeoples as 128 kbps .mp3s, I'm happy to say my EP Information Chase is now being released on limited-edition vinyl via the wonderful people at Ship to Shore PhonoCo.. This is a dream come true for me, and I'm super excited.

Pressed on transparent blue vinyl, the album comes in very clever die-cut packaging which boasts additional new artwork by pixelsmith Drew Wise. Remastered for vinyl by Dietrich Schoenemann of Complete Mastering.

Purchase of the vinyl release gets you a digital download of the album (which, for those keeping score, includes the bonus tracks that came with the album's 2013 Bandcamp release) — ★PLUS★ a never-before-released third bonus track — "Reformat The Planet (Low Gravity Version)," an alternate, slower rendition that some might recognize from various live performances over the years — finally given a proper studio recording, and masterfully mastered by Chris Burke (glomag / the Mandible Judy podcast). This track in particular has become pretty special to me, and I hope you enjoy it.

Preorders are live now, through:
Black Screen Records in the EU,
chipfreq in the UK, and
Ship To Shore PhonoCo. everywhere else.

Links to all three options here • https://linktr.ee/bit_shifter

Whether, to you, this EP is brand new or old news, I'm just personally overjoyed that it will exist in this format, and I sincerely hope you enjoy it.



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Sent a little money your way just now & signal-boosted Peter's tweet. Hoping for the best!


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From what I can tell there are more people making chipmusic now than ever. I look at chip compilations coming out now and recognize like 5% of the names. As netlabels go, Cheapbeats is on fire, lots of quality stuff being released at a pace I can't keep up with. Seems like there's a lot of live activity too from what I can see. Might be a decline in event series with rock-solid regularity (i.e. monthlies) but I still see a lot of semi-regular and one-off events, and there are annual festivals going strong. Seeing new events / event series popping up too, which is always inspiring, like the Binary event N3M3515 is launching in Singapore.

CheapBeats is a great chip label. Based in Tokyo, too.

[flier art: Brick BRKer]

Heads up Boston — next month we add an extra day to February for BLEEP YEAR. Presented by Boston8bit and TinyOak Booking.

This show is free, so spread the word & come dance.

Triheart (album release party)
Bit Shifter
Brick BRKer

2020 02 29 · Saturday
21:00 (9:00 p.m.) EST
The Jungle Community Music Club · https://www.thejunglemusicclub.com/
6 Sanborn Ct.
Somerville MA 02143
Free · 21+

Facebook event page

hire ui now

ui rules and is brilliant


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Great release!


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This is super cool. Refreshing and unique.


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This rules.


① Not That You Asked (2002)
② Access Failure (2002)
③ Parapersona Crash
④ Prokaryote Fight Song
⑤ White House Ejector Seat (2004)
⑥ Antenna (2005)
⑦ Pocket Calculator (2005)
⑧ Astro Zombies
⑨ We Bite
⑩ Winter Wonderland (2002)
⑪ Let It Snow (2003)

Hey y'all — been rounding up all of the tracks I've done outside of the context of my three releases to date, and getting them remastered and making them available in one place. Tracks that were previously exclusive to compilations, tracks I might have casually tossed onto a homepage or a MySpace player for a little while, and a few tracks that never got released at all.

The end result is Maladaptive Strategies, a retrospective series of releases compiling all this old material, and organized loosely by chronology and character. Vol. 1 was released on Thursday, with more volumes to come.

This volume collects material recorded between 2002 and 2005, and some of the bumpier early experiments are, I think, offset by some of my favorite work, like "Not That You Asked" from a Japan-only CD compilation, and "Antenna," the song that appeared on the Kraftwerk tribute album 8-Bit Operators, released in 2007 on Astralwerks.

Vol. 1 has been remastered by Carl Peczynski / Planet Zaxxon, and packaged up in truly breathtaking artwork by Andi Soto.

Stream / download at Bandcamp · https://bit-shifter.bandcamp.com/album/ … gies-vol-1

Stay tuned for future volumes, and thanks for listening.

x_x004 · a Data Casualty release

Aww yeah

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Haha what a great concept. Music sounds great too!

This just in — happy to announce this album is now available on sleek, modern, convenient cassette tape, thanks to the kind and patient folks at Data Airlines.

Available in two editions — standard on beautiful blue tape shell, and limited deluxe edition (50 copies worldwide) on frosted clear tape shell with menacing black slipcase.

Get yours at https://dataairlines.bandcamp.com/merch … 1175178899 .