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Can I get a FUCK YEAH for CURLING??!?

Chiptunes? In MY Mexico? It's more likely than you think. I'm taking my Game Boys down to Monterrey, Nuevo León, for a show on Saturday January 16th. 8:00 pm doors; 9:00 pm screening of chipmusic documentary Reformat The Planet, which these days is really making the rounds. Performances around 10:30. Details:

2010 01 16  |  Sa  |  08:00 pm CST
Garage  |  http://www.enelgarage.com/
Diego de Montemayor 739 Sur
84000 Monterrey NL

The Minty
VJ Brandon
VJ Chava
Mitsui Suzuki

presented by:
Emulación Aleatoria

$100 at door (that's pesos, don't freak out)



(135 replies, posted in General Discussion)

Is this where I start a Game-Boy-in-mouth thread? It is, right?