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akira^8GB wrote:

What would that contain, Mr. bit Shifter? That is a sad loss.

Hey thanks Akira. It could've been worse, honestly. Lost two finished tracks ("Maneuverer" & "Winning The War On Pseudoscience") and a handful of works in progress, only one of which was really going anywhere. Originally thought I'd lost "Easy Prey" too, but it turned out I'd also had that one saved to a second cart. Of the three, that was the one I'd have been most upset to lose.


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Lost all my recent work in a cart battery death two days ago.
( ; _____________________ ; )

Courage Wolf, give me strength in this time of weighty challenge and grief.


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In my admittedly subjective view --

- good user behavior and etiquette is more of a wish than a feature request, and the absence of it isn't really a bug.
- pointing this wish at the people who run the site is like trying to buy antidepressants at a hardware store.

tl;dr version: site developers / owners can moderate posts but can't control user demeanor or etiquette.


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PlainFlavored wrote:

however, this is not and will never be the reality for the internet.


Haha awesome.

Hey thanks everybody. ^_____^


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And who says Damon's not a gentleman?


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That is so cool.

So. Being one hundred per cent useless when it comes to physically interacting with electronics, I wanted to see if someone capable would be willing to help me out with this. Basically I have a couple of Nanoloop v1.1 cartridges with dead or soon-to-be-dead batteries. The batteries themselves are standard CR2032 batteries, but from what I can determine (and I did kind of a lot of digging) the batteries' soldering tabs are of a non-standard, and possibly custom, configuration in which the tabs are at 90° relative to one another. (The superhumanly resourceful Herbert Weixelbaum came to the conclusion that batteries with this tab configuration are most likely designated CR2032/F1B, for whatever it's worth).

In a perfect world, I would like to modify my v1.1 cartridges in such a way that a "battery canopy" (like what's inside the v1.2 cartridges -- holds the battery in-place, but the battery can be easily slipped out for replacement) is inserted inside. And, if that is possible, I would like to pay (a reasonable amount) for someone's help in excecuting this little bit of cart surgery.

A while back Herbert Weixelbaum had scanned the guts of some writeable GB carts, including Nanoloop 1.1 & 1.2:

So, to anyone in the know: at a glance, is there anything in the internal arrangement of the guts of the 1.1 cartridge (yellow one in the scan above) that would prevent a "canopy" or whatever from being "implanted?" Acknowledging that the battery's contact points in the 1.1 cart are (naturally) at right angles while their 1.2 counterparts seem to be at 180° relative to each other -- I'm hoping some sort of clever trickery might be possible to sidestep this.

If for any reason that's impossible, I'd also settle for enlisting someone's help to simply replace the battery the old-fashioned way (someone adept enough / equipped with parts suitable enough to solder the thing in there with tabs at a right angle). I really miss working with v1.1 and would love to resurrect these carts somehow.

Thanks in advance from a hopeless n00b. E-mail's probably the best way to get back to me, I'm at bit decimal shifter at bit decimal shifter decimal net .

Nice! Monthly events everywhere at all times!!!!1


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OK seriously, I can't stop listening to this. Downloaded it two days ago and have been playing it over and over again ever since. Usually I don't have the attention span to listen to live sets in full, but this has me glued right to it. A.G.M. for King of the Universe.


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joule wrote:

Thank you Lazerbeat.

I don't think the big issue is so much about this or that feature, but about the site being unique and having something that makes people want to return.

Personally I think the most attractive feature is the absence of rampant arbitrary user banning. That's enough for me.

Hey thanks Nestrogen. Yeah, with the exception of a gap between the last two songs that was trimmed out, it's unedited. The last two tracks were saved on the same cartridge, so while loading there was a pause that I failed to fill with anything clever or witty.

In the interest of transparency I also omitted an 8th track, because at the time I thought it was a good idea to sing "Horror Business" while sick & having a voice that was even more fucked up than usual; predictably it sounded like shit.



Y E S x 2


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December 21, 2002 in NYC, at the Knitting Factory's AlterKnit Theater (basically a tiny black box of a space on the lower level of the Knitting Factory's Leonard St. location), opening for a friend's experimental band called arch ECHO. I'd played shows before in bands but never with a Game Boy, so I was pretty much shitting it. Stood stone-still the whole time in a petrified terror. Somehow in spite of it, the audience (maybe 25 or 30 people) was really receptive & seemed genuinely into it. Sadly, that crutch of the Game-Boy-as-instrument novelty has become a lot less dependable these days. If I could go back & redo the gig, I don't know, I guess I'd have a shot or two of bourbon beforehand. And get a better haircut.

Small helping of exquisitely embarrassing photos & videos here.