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Dasid- zRials

just did this track after all the 80s and Italian horror i've been watching this month

Hey everyone! I will be in Japan this dec 6-15th.
Does anyone know of any 'chip' related activities happening?

I would love to see a show...OR play one if any gig slots are available!

also, any shops or sites i should check out?

thanks fam

I'm still kicking

Also i uploaded every track I've ever done (chip and non) on my YouTube channel.
https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=P … TLMVQkrw6o

Love you allll!

i've been sidetracked with an octatrack. Did a project of 60-70s Library Music loops mangled along with synths and drum machines....


My next 'chip' release will probably be a lot of Nanoloop Mono synced with the octa tongue

been too long my friend....

it was all in one pass. just a lot of real time patch changes a knob twists.
I love the mileage u can get inputting notes utilizing Commands (to make chords and such)

Hey! it's been a while tongue
Finally got around to posting songs made with outboard gear I programmed with that LSDJ version with the midi out....


utilized my Tetr4, microbrute and blofeld mostly.
thank you Trash80!

im now syncing everything with one arduinoboy and nanoloop, but i need a 2nd to sync lsdj as well-and XIWI stop their run (damn i wanted a matching set with a different led color -boo)


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the master is LSDJ set to 'nano' . no sync issues if using a gbc or GBA.

whoa couch gag



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wooo! time to dust off my nl one


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bump to nudge oliver about adding back the note values.

I really want to use 2.7 but since I do a lot of note transcription from NL it's a lot easier keeping it 2.6.


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this is the new best thread. well one that really speaks to me. i have always wondered why there hasn't been more homebrew GBA stuff.
as a person who syncs nanoloop 2.x with lsdj, lsdj on a DMG it will get knocked out of time EASILY. but if i sync NL with lsdj on a GBA= ROCK SOLID always. so for me there is a bigger need to go all GBA

this happens even when lsdj plays on a single DMG with no 'slow processor' issues

edit: GBA SP's of course. i hate plain ol GBA

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