eagerly awaiting a mac version!


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I have an Atari 800xl and write little music programs in basic to make interesting samples for use in my songs! Never used a tracker for it though.

I've been involved in teaching people about chiptunes, Gameboy music, and LSDJ for several years. I've led several workshops at different Universities. I've written a book that has sold very well over the past few years on LSDJ and is even in a few libraries. I've produced Youtube content on LSDJ programming as well.

Anyways, I now consider this the definitive INTRODUCTION TO CHIPTUNE/LSDJ resource. This is extremely well done and very thorough. There's no need to for anything else but this now. Bravo Paul + Soundlfy. Great, great job.



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just want to say that I love the FB01 and I highly recommend it. basically the same chip as a sega genesis!

Kris k wrote:

man now i miss rochester a lot. this was awesome, thanks for putting it together!!!

no, thank YOU

havocCc wrote:

this is awesome footage, thank you!

thanks! I'm really proud of how it came out.

it's taken four years but it's finally done. ENJOY!


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stereo effects, like the tc flashback or hall of fame, sound awesome with Gameboy music.


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haha wow, this thread was a wild ride


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JaffaCakeMexica wrote:

Actually, I really feel like I have been a victim of discrimination on chipmusic.org for not being gay.


pselodux wrote:

I already release through bandcamp, but would just like the extended exposure that a label would provide. I'm really not good at promoting my own music!

maybe this is a side discussion but this is something I've always wondered about with net labels. what are they getting in exchange for releasing and promoting your music? do they get a cut of the profits?


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Dolby-Z wrote:

So lately, I've been very interested in chip instruments mimicking the sound and functions of analog synthesizers.

that's pretty broad, there are hundreds of analog synths that make a really wide variety of sound.

you mention the filter on the synth screen. you can definitely use that to make a lot of creative sounds. but it's never going to sound like a moog low pass filter.

a lot of people use LSDJ to emulate other things and then end up with a completely new sound. experiment with the synth screen, the waves, the wav instrument screen, and tables. you'll find a ton of interesting sounds.


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yeah loads of people do it. you might see it referred to as 2xLSDJ.

accidental double post

if I have an older arduinoboy, do I need to update it's programming to do this?