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The url works!

you should try posting on the github, they are pretty responsive https://github.com/laamaa/m8c


hop on a discord!


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What do you mean play all the channels? Are you saying it only working on cha 1 but not 2 or 3 or whatever?

Each channel is monophonic, so if you are only playing mono that makes sense

If you want to have keyboard and pc going in directly you need to either
keyboard>computer>genesis and have a soft thru in your midi program on the computer, or get a midi merger



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No one is working on one, but the source is available!

Its pretty simple circuit, but that is a great device.

There is a excel linked on that page that explains what modes work with which devices.

Yea it should work fine! I use this with my volca sample:

https://catskullelectronics.com/collect … nc-adapter

The novation remote sl line can do this, and have multiple "snapshots" per patch of labeled presets.

I think the sid2sid board will cover your prosounding!


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yay neil!


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Love you man!


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Sent some money and sharing this link, here's hoping for a speedy recovery!


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less touchy but similar https://mccormick.cx/projects/looper/


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Maybe you should try setting to to a hdmi mode 1 or 2, so its at the 4:3 resolution? then full screen should fil the entire screen


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defo get into chance and repeats, can do lots of procedural stuff very easily