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A bunch of grime artists started out on this, and this was made with it!
https://jimguthrie.bandcamp.com/album/s … ace-babies


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Get MTV music generator. You can add your own samples via cd and save em to memory cards.


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yay! weekend saved!

These are great!


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Auxcide has a similar rig but I think hes using lsdj midi out mode instead, check his instragrams for some good jams


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Have to compile from source mayhabs


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Technically EQ is a kind of mixing where you adjust the relative volume of a sounds harmonics. tongue

Sound design in your instruments is a good place to start with your mix, the less you have to eq, the better as the process tends to make bad sounds worse.

There are no rules for what sounds go where in LSDJ, put a kick in noise or pu2 or whatever.


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Yea it works! If it doesnt, you should try reinstalling alsa-midi.

Linux has the tightest midi of all the desktop os imo.

Maybe something like this would be useful? http://www.independentrecording.net/irn … isplay.htm Instruments are evocative of pitch and timbre.


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except dont hang out with kool skull alone apparently.


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I think vgm supports tfis but never used it.


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love me some new fear of dark! nabbin!


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Here is a zip with the sounds as TFI files

http://little-scale.blogspot.com/2013/0 … e-tfi.html


so whats those pads do? cv control? :D


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Id say no just because we are low traffic enough that we could be overwhelmed by retro game people. There are only like a million retro game forums.

If you want to throw some games in with the music stuff then maybe! Otherwise Id suggest keeping it music centric around here.