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Open up the AUDIO menu and check the NTSC option.
When active, the Sequencer application adjusts its internal timers as
well as the frequency scale.
If you are running a C64 built for the PAL system, leave the NTSC
option unchecked.

Check the other manuls looks likes it supported in the features for each program

doesnt mssiah have a menu setting for pal?

or was it a special version? Im old and can't remeber

Not really a bug, just outside the scope of the use case, a mono synth you sequence with a computer, not a poly synth you play by hand.

Yea that's the way it works! this is what things like genajam try to fix


This is normal. each channel is monophonic so you can only play a note at a time per channel.

http://little-scale.com/GENMDM/GENMDM_1 … DM_103.txt

https://github.com/DirtyWave/M8Docs/blo … ssSetup.md


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The url works!

you should try posting on the github, they are pretty responsive https://github.com/laamaa/m8c


hop on a discord!


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What do you mean play all the channels? Are you saying it only working on cha 1 but not 2 or 3 or whatever?

Each channel is monophonic, so if you are only playing mono that makes sense

If you want to have keyboard and pc going in directly you need to either
keyboard>computer>genesis and have a soft thru in your midi program on the computer, or get a midi merger



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No one is working on one, but the source is available!

Its pretty simple circuit, but that is a great device.

There is a excel linked on that page that explains what modes work with which devices.

Yea it should work fine! I use this with my volca sample:

https://catskullelectronics.com/collect … nc-adapter

The novation remote sl line can do this, and have multiple "snapshots" per patch of labeled presets.

I think the sid2sid board will cover your prosounding!