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Woah, such a long time no posting. Hello there!
For this new year I'd like to start to work on a new project that includes writing some songs in ASM for the game boy.
Is there any tool that could me help converting a .mid or a .lsdsng file to .asm?
I tried to mess up with some pokemon songs using the pokemid tool (https://github.com/mtolly/pokemid), but it isn't working as it should.
Any help? :^)


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here the old nex pic!

http://chaosroyale.bandcamp.com/track/n … it-shifter


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ashimoke wrote:

Didn't know that! All my thoughts about potentially getting KP3 are over.

I mean that the "beat-sync" is not the best, but it works pretty well on "4/4 kicks" songs.
And, as said, if you would only use it with your voice (and no other beats coming from the line-in) it will keep the sync really well since it doesn't need to beat-sync wirg other stuff, but just with its internal tempo.


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ashimoke wrote:

Wait for someone with personal experience to confirm this

I confirm everything.
I've never tried the kaoss quad, but a cheaper KP3 would perfectly do the job.

About the sync problem, as already said the KP only stays in time with itself. But it wouldn't be a problem if you only need it to loop some voice samples live.

Btw for hardcore looping (if you don't care too much about the KP effects) I'd recomend differents solutions, like some guitar/voice looping pedals.
My singer uses one of them and it seems pretty easy (and fun) to use.
This way you could use infinite layers, not only 4.


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I've got a track for this. smile


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I usualy just sing in a portable recorder what comes in my mind.

I think it's really easier then writing notes on a piece of paper. (even because i'm usually out of paper/pens when i'm far from home)


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Hi guys. Let me brag about my brand new 8bit tattoo.


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After one years i'm still working on my first LP that I've not released yet, lol.

for spam sake

Just bought the RNC1773 and i'm having TONS of fun sidechaining every-fucking-thing.
Thanks for the suggestion!!


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This + Never used a screwdriver in my life.


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Nice one!
My first backlit looked like this

old good times, lol

I cannot sidechain using the Alesis Smashup, so i don't want it.
I've read really nice reviews about that RNC1773, so i'm probably buying it (on ebay i could find it for 120€).

Those FRM stuff look really nice! (and the price is ok)

what's the differences between the RNC and RNAL models?

would you really advice it? i'm reading some reviews and they really don't use nice words on it... (and for that price i could buy a dbx266)

also, i'd really love to do some sidechining, is it possible with a 3630?