so sorry i won't be there sad
i'm a low life and train tickets cost moneez. i only got dirt.


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just got in touch with orgs. seems like i'm in the org team now! HAPPYeeeee!


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OMG!! i am SO attending them all! how do i stay alive?


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so glad i got it on st. pete's event. really great thingy!

sudo ./ems-flasher --title

should work for you.

count me in on round 2. i mean, preordering mofo!

i wanna hug everybody in this thread

Zomvor wrote:


no one cares about licensing here in russia. ignorance. so sorry about all this trouble, dubmood.

just yesterday i got drunk and composed some lsdj on the kid's playground at 2 am.

would buy it for $50 shipped to russia (shipment incl.)


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Zomvor wrote:

on HOTCHET internt poslat 4 ves mir!

so brilliant! XD


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hi guys. it's my second collab where all i do is put LSDJ over someone's track. i would love to hear your hints and shared experiences about how you'd generally go about it.

what i do is kinda randomly pull out melodies out of my ass. bassy accompaniment is pretty trivial -- just follow the progression and add something to the taste. but lead melodies take some thought, i guess.

anyway, hope i explained myself clear enough. please, enjoy, judge and share you thoughts.

ps: i really love the dude's guitar work in this one.
pss: i actually think he screwed up my beautiful lsdj work. he just chopped and panned everything to his likings. yeiks!


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i enjoyed it so much. so much musical variety. don't know if i'll buy out those savz, but i'd be happy to.

thanks bitman.


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i know i'm dumb for creating a thread in the "past events" forum. i was asked to.


When: September the 13th, 2012

Place: Zapasnik, Moscow


Price: 250 RUB