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Mine is kind of an awkward mix of pictures, conversations, and paragraphs.


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arfink wrote:

Kagamine Rin and Hatsune Miku.

Those are cool though.
I'm so cised for when they sound legit human.

I always thought seanbad was british for some reason.

I too hope to be there.


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korean pop (IDK why america had to end boybands D<), a skylit drive, IAYD, catalonian club music of the techno-y sort

I hate to admit that I stopped reading after encouraging everyone to support their products.


hotmessization wrote:

I think this is the first time I've seen the extras in a bundle be more expensive than the main item.

Love you guys, but $19 for the shirt? $19 for the poster and pins?

I thought the point of bundles was to save money.

This this this.

It is such bullshit that I'd have to pay 78$ for things I don't even want just so I can get my hands on the dvd and blip stuff.
Like, I get that you are trying to support the people who made the shirts and pins and whatever, but come ooooooon.

/poor (and now bitter) student spiel

God, I wish I had money for this.

Decktonic wrote:

Wow people, read the thread. He wasn't being serious about taking the piss. We convinced him to make it his official music video and he did. Learn to lighten up everyone.

If that happened within this thread, y'all must have some mad minimal communication skills.
Which, on review, you apparently do.

The dolphin part was actually pretty cool.

And if the guy does see this thread, I kinda feel bad for him.
He likes you enough to put his vacation to your song and you're calling it the low-point of you career?
poor guy


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I don't really equate listening to chiptune as nerdy, just weird

Actual nerdy things:
I post on internet forums
I devoted two years of my life to academic decathlon
I hate opening dictionaries because i will just end up reading them

Bit Shifter wrote:

also, the descriptions are cute.


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i'm not an artist but, artists in my top 100

2. kid icaris
3. Shirobon
15. Boywonder
19. Henry Homesweet
29. Crystal castles -kinda you know-
31. IAYD
39. FTFX
40. i am program
50. Ro-bear
55. Sparetimehero
64. Fighter X
65. Shonen
72. Sabrepulse
80. Kola Kid
81. Unicorn Kid
97. Neville's First Nintendo

The only problem with this is, half the time my ipod doesn't scrobble so it isn't that accurate.


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Lame faqs has been on my 'repeat to death' playlist this week so this kind of made my night.


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Validity as in giving you the feeling of a string being pulled from your head which would mean it does do something.

'I feel kind of stupid now replying to this thread, peace.'
haha, indirect shot at everyone in here.