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Fading Out

Both XM chiptunes. And:

Autumn Leaf by Lamb (Skuter)

Blues Muz

anything from Randall



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Tilbury fair.


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Do you recognize UKF/TrapCity/Monstercat with their audio spectrum visualisations? I've done a template similiar to these videos:

If you want a video for your music just like the one above, just send me a message.


PS Music: 4 channel MOD file, less than 400kB.


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That was my the first sound program I worked out as a child (7 years old?). After a long break I had a rendez-vous with SoundClub again.


Nagz - ...b.d.s.l.y.s? xm (...but does she like your shoes)
Esau - Fax on the run
Reed - No
Lizard - Spatism (Magnar = Lizard)
H0ffman - Pattern Skank (Vocal edit)

Modern gems.


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First of all, I hope the thread about indie game is acceptable here. Just skip/ignore it if you disagree.

Hi, as you may know (or not), I've been working with Nikas on Top Hat. I'm responsible for music, sound and some code issues. Today is a great day for us since we started with Steam Greenlight. It would be nice to see your feedback.

What's the matter?

Top Hat is a dynamic retro action/platform game - if you are weaned on NES and you are looking for challenging games and you've had enough - this game is for you.

The game offers:
- varied in many ways levels,
- several hours of challenging play,
- boss fights,
- mini quests,
- funny cutscenes and flavours,
- achievements system,
- smell of nostalgy adorned with full chiptune soundtrack.

Here's YouTube trailer:


I hope you will enjoy and you give some feedback!

You can buy the game now, directly from our store - if the game passes Greenlight, of course you will receive Steam key!

You can also download the soundtrack, I've posted it here some time ago:

Useful links:

Don't hesitate to visit us @ Facebook.


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Thanks! I wanted to mix my annoying style with something modern.

See you soon! smile


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Good job, full of energy tunes. My ears are bouncing with that vibe.

I Want You in my Bedroom rocks.


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Not chiptune but AMIGA OLDSKOOL! Overflow is an EP containing five oldskool wicked ProTracker modules. 4ch madness is coming for you!

01. Overflow (01:50)
02. Groove Machine (02:30)
03. Wild Abstraction (02:08)
04. Don't Even Ask (02:15)
05. Payoff (02:07)

Album @ Bandcamp
MP3 320kpbs
Only MODs


Samples by:
Breakbeat Paradise, H0ffman, Heatbeat, Jakim, Melomaniac, Moby, Muffler, Pioter, Virgill.


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Thank you all for your responses; I didn't expect such positive reaction!


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Although it's not my style, I really liked it! Especially the work done on the quality of the sound.

Good job.


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Thank you all! I have to add that, as you have heard, the MP3 are in the stereo, of course FTMs aren't smile.


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Hi all, I want to show my new album of vary FamiTracker chiptunes. I have created 11 tracks with the total duration of 24 minutes.

01. Pixelated Sky (01:54)
02. Virtual Life (02:44)
03. Stuck In A Cartoon (01:47)
04. Space Circuit (01:21)
05. Love In The Air (01:46)
06. Nostalgy (02:38)
07. Raster Toccata (02:10)
08. Pony Slaughter (02:18)
09. Through The Darkness (03:16)
10. Abandoned Hope (01:47)
11. Game Finally Over (02:11)

Album @ Bandcamp
MP3 320kpbs
Only FTMs


The cover was drawn by me. MP3 pack from my site contains the source FTM files. Enjoy!

You've bought me, piece of vivid fusion chiptune. I regret I couln't buy this piece now. Instead, I've shared it where I could.

Once again: great work.

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