Yeah I got all that, I'm pretty sure I have it in the right mode now, and I've tried both midi ports just to be sure.  I think maybe it is something in my gp2x settings?  I didn't realize until herr_prof showed me that I needed to put in another file and change usb settings.

The page I'm looking at says "Disable USB Host Networking"

I see USB Host, which is off, and USB Network, which is off.  Are there any other settings that need to be on or off specifically?

Ok I found it, when the aboy is in lsdj master mode and lsdj is set to master the lights dance like you said, but nothing when its in slave mode and piggy is running, so the problem is most likely coming from the gp2x end.  I switched my piggytracker to the latest stable build and still nothing.  I AM running the gp2x on batteries right now while I wait for my ac adaptor to come in, does the gp2x to midi specifically need it to be running on an adaptor in order to receive power?

Also the midi ports on the aboy had little brackets across from the pins that fell out, I assume these are just for helping hold in the cable, but I'm not really sure.


Ah cool, thanks, I'll play around with it some more and see whats up.

So I now have an arduinoboy, a dmg with lsdj, a gp2x with piggy tracker, the gp2x to midi from kitsch-bent, and the midi cable connecting them, but I can't for the life of me figure out how to actually sync them.  Obviously I am doing something wrong, can anyone help walk me through this please for the love of God?

I don't know which light is which mode on the aboy but I've tried them all, I have lsdj in "midi" sync mode and on wait, and I have set piggy tracker to "GP2X Serial".

I am running the ghetto build of piggy tracker if that matters, and I'm using LSDJ version 3.7.5

I saw something on the arduinoboy page about "C2 is sequencer start in lsdj slave mode" but I'm not sure what that means exactly.

Please, please, please help me with this, I just dropped a lot of money to get all this and was really excited and now I am losing my mind trying to make it work.


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heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart


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Really really good album, the story is hilarious and the music is fantastic.


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I only release my music on myspace.



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We shoot shotguns in Texas

hoooooly shit please make this flier into a t-shirt


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also heres how this is going to go, youre going to emo out for like a week, then youre gonna go "okay ill continue writing music but im done with chiptune" then after a week youll return to lsdj and GO HARD


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but iiiinnn the eeeeeeeeeend it doesnt even maaaattterrrrr


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yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss, i want to stab the shit out of alex with plastic weapons again


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Dude, I'm having enough trouble booking my own show... Logan if i had that much money laying around I would fly you out here for sho.  @Wizwars: if i get something together I'll let you know, but i doubt it would be worth 48 hours on a greyhound.  @Nullsleep: have you talked to Connor about crashing with him?  I'm not positive what dates I'll be there but whatever nights I'm there you can almost certainly crash with me at my sisters worst comes to worst.


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Whoa awesome! I didn't realize you were coming.  Playing any shows?


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I,Cactus - lives there
Mysterious H - lives there
Yatagarasu - lives there
Wavface - 14th, 15th, 16th
Sievert - 12th, 15th, 18th for sure, rest uncertain
RaindropDragonDust - 14th - 21st
N00llsl33p - 14th - 16th
IAYD - too apathetic to determine if hes going even though he's confirmed for Data Pop (its pretty cool he guesses but hes just not sure if hes into that kind of thing, also may not have time because he has too many photos to upload)
PixyJunket - 15th and 16th
Star Fighter Dreams - 15th maybe if his mom says its cool
AnanananananaGucci - 15th - 19th
Walter b Gentle - sometime
Za7ch - 15th, maybe more
Naxat - 16th - 19th
No Carrier - 14th - 17th
C-Men - 14th - 17th

Anyone who will be there let me know and what dates and I'll compile it all here!