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Hi everyone! We're excited to announce the release of an album we've been working on over the past 8 months as "Love Hz". Love Hz is a collaboration between chalkboards & Hashtagyoloswag, to bring you more of that full band chip rock your heart desires. It's available now on bandcamp, pay what you want. hope y'all enjoy it!


artwork by:  Party Time! Hexcellent!

Since this should work with a wide variety of carts , could this be used to backup / reflash an old USB bleep bloop cart which isn't able to be be backed up via USB (for whatever reason) but otherwise works fine ? If so, i seriously cannot wait to buy this.

In the past year our chip band has played with rappers, synthpunk bands, DJs, etc, and all of it has been great.  Getting outside your comfort zone and playing with non-chip acts is the most key part.  From what I caught of those Danimal shows, the nerdcore crowd loved him - get it out there!

Pretty excited to be playing alongside Mega Ran again, it's been like 3 years !  These parties are gonna be dope.

Did this solve the issue? even the regular 47k resistor mod didn't work for me.  Going to try this later, thanks.

@jefftheworld did you do that cleaning / retensioning yourself ?  If so, did you follow a guide or what ?  I'd love to actually be able to use my NES live but i need to be able to rely on it.

It'll be nice when we're back on thursdays but this show's gonna be sweet!  we at Hashtagyoloswag have been hard at work Famitrackin' it up for your spazzing pleasure


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If it's in working order, i'm interested - messaged.


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Does anybody know if there a way to play NSFs on this at the moment ?  It looks better than the PowerPak in most respects except i can't tell if it will do the thing I need.


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maybe me too, Nigel ;    I'm interested in the blue one, zaxxon.  Is shipping extra / where would it ship from ?


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warning:  not music related normally, mostly queer stuff.


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I'm just coming in here to echo the "fuck yeah" sentiment.  DAT BASS...it's great all the way through, but "80's montage" is where I really started to be amazed.


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Oh man this thread is still going???  I can't even believe I started it, I don't use my twitterz at all...

danimal cannon wrote:

Honestly I think running a DMG through tubes for 'warmth' is snake oil. The whole aesthetic is cold hard transistor perfection anyways.  Seriously, it's a stupid idea.

And this is coming from a guy who plays through a great tube amp for guitars.

I've been doing this lately, and I think it sounds great, personally.  I find it removes some harshness and mildly distorts really nicely on basslines.

I'm in the same boat as Charbot;  I donated and received my password sometime in 2009, but looking through my old email, it's nowhere to be found.  does anyone know if there's a way to recover your info?  I'd really like to not use Paypal again.

If I can try to revive this thread instead of starting a new one;  I have a similar problem with one of my two bleepbloop carts;  I had to use Mprog on both;  It made the first one usable, and I successfully backed it up, but the second remains unrecognized by UCP, even though Mprog & Device Manager both recognize it, and it's fully functioning otherwise.

I realize this after picking it up for the first time in over a year & writing a bunch on it; I'd really like to back it up.  Any ideas?