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Really dig the style of the site & releases, the JAKB release is particularly excellent. 
page says you accept demos but there is no obvious contact info...?

This is some lovely music.

This release rocks! i just got around to listening to it.  not really breaking any ground (stays pretty megaman-esque) but definitely breaking robots/faces.

might be a bit for video/photos , i think a photographer friend of mine took some though!

I personally had some technically difficulties (misplaced my best cart right before, found it later), but everyone's sets were awesome.  never tire of Mysterious H.

a good 40-50 people were there, and they all seemed to have a good time!
Our visualist was a pleasant suprise, girl by the name of Rachel who does hardware NES-based visuals under the name "Party Time! Hexcellent!"

liquidcalm wrote:

big shout for Deltron 3030, that lp was like Gorillaz before Gorillaz. Plus it has Kid Koala doing DJ work, he's my (and my mums) favorite DJ.

even though 3030 is badass....it was slightly later, and way better.
also K-K-K-K-KID KOALA was the best live dj i have ever seen by far...and he was opening for cut chemist n DJ shadow


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1)watches are not intimidating.

2)neither is pixel art or mario costumes

3)i suggest getting you some yes-men who are more intimidating than you

edit: don't give a fuck what this is, didn't look. advice still applies as far as being intimidating goes.

so i heard the Charleston kinda sucks, but the show was good?

this was awesome & i love everyone who came.

Texas is going to be too busy rocking out down here to attend.


And a visualist has been confirmed!

also bump cause this is THIS WEEKEND.


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facundo wrote:

cheese'n'beer = me, jenn, ricardo, and adam.  there is more than enough cheese and beer in 2 of us, let alone all four O_O
are you challenging us to ride harleys while eating cheese wheels/bricks and drinking 31 beers all during sound check?

if he's not I am.


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apparently ricardo's brother says he enjoys the "grunge sensibilities".

sounds about right.


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I really would like for more people to experiment w/ multitracking for chip... makes careful sonic manipulation possible.

STereochan wrote:

Now, take your lazy ass and get to work so you can buy all this crap!

or don't, please, please, please: because mastering, although really useful, is nothing that most people can't do for free with some basic knowledge, a bit of time, and a basic DAW w/ compressor, EQs, panning & reverb.   And without a stupid "mastering" plugin (same goes for "stereo imaging" plugins or anything else like that which promises to make your music sound better just by running it.)

lol @ people who think mastering is magical, or that a trained mastering engineer w/ all the "best gear" is going to make music sound SO MUCH BETTER.

also, on the subject of mastering your own tracks:  yes, you can, it's perfectly ok (unless you just have no idea what to do).  you just have to periodically cleanse your sonic palette occasionally while working (i.e. listen to something way different on a break), and be willing to take your time & take a few days break from listening sometimes.

i do this sometimes, but i hate giving up stereo so i usually just sync up a second one that is routed to different FX / EQ.