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You might like this thing I made many years ago. Volume 2 is out this decade. Maybe.


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I REALLY hope this has a happy ending


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I'll take one please!


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There's some good stuff of

The only reason I haven't backed yet is because I'm waiting for a new debit card. I can't wait to play with this!



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That was like watching Brett Domino without the humour.


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Knock yourself out:


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Weird, I found that robots video on my old drive a few weeks ago, cracked me up big time. If she's a working DJ now then good for her but I really don't get the pretend knob twiddling.


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Welcome to the comeback club!


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Tis indeed a naughty Peep Show sample! How do I redeem my 90000000000 Shifter points?


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A few months ago I set about trying to organize the old HDD from my long dead DAW.  Among the clutter and unfinished rubbish was this EP recorded and ready for release.   Yes, it was ready for release in 2009!  I don’t really know why it never saw the light of day but it sure made me realise how much I’ve missed making this music and I’m working on new stuff as we speak.  I can’t find any of the carts with these tracks on, otherwise I would’ve jumped back in and made a few tweeks but I can’t so here they are.

1.    Call to Arms – Nanoloop 1.3 breaks N bass
2.    Oscillate - I used to close my sets with this, lsdj DnB
3.    Bork – You’ve never heard this
4.    We Are Electro – An NL13 breaks banger
5.    Spugun – Synthtopia featured this one as an example of NL23 in action.  The intro is from Jellica on some podcast.

You can find the old Flanboy releases on Bandcamp too.  Wehey!

Andrew Winzenburg wrote:

She fuckin' rocked it! Here's my fan vid/ performance!

That was fucking superb.

And that's a damn fine New Zealand accent aswell  wink


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