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I've done a little research and can't seem to find a really in depth way to sync lsdj with ableton. I have a arduinoboy that I got of NEX a while back and im trying to pick it back up again. Can anyone help?


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I use a Xenyx 802 then master in Izotope Ozone 5, also @Aeros, I heard the compression in Fl is shit, is that true?


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I'm looking for an artist preferably in the Manhattan area to do some gigs/street busks with. I looked ahead of time but could not find anyone.


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Nice, have to say Engage is my favorite one of this, I know you released this prior to this release, but its awesome! Good job


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Im stuck in Germany atm so I wont be able to attend. Im probably going to get piss drunk 3 days in a row and cry about how im not at blip fest.


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Club heater right here

Im proud to say im the only american living in Germany that produces chiptune. @Amity Level2, I live 2 hours from Stuttgart, I live near Kaiserslautern so you are not alone smile

!!!! Cant wait for this :DDDD

The innards dont get heated like that, so dont worry

I see some really great potential, the first track has to be the best in my opinion. Just remember, there are no boundaries when creating something that YOU feel comfortable with.


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Vegasdiamond wrote:

back when 8bc was up I found a nice track by a guy called byzanite, it was called rubberdub rae and it came pretty close to what i'd call dubstep on a gameboy setup.

you can of course make chip-influenced dubstep on a pc with plugins but I think making what most people would consider dubstep on like 8-bit or 16-bit hardware would be pretty hard with all those drops and hard filtering.

Yeah Byzanite does do chipstep. He covered Flux Pavilion's "bass cannon" and he did numbers called "insomniac" and "washout" which are strictly chipstep.

NNNNNNNNNN has 2 really great chipstep tracks out. "Wank Harder" and "Fuck Yeah"


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Yeah I have numerous times, and hes very legit. You will probably get your stuff in a few days. ABout the confirmation im not sure


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8-Bit Vic wrote:

I'm down for a collab Tetrasaurus!
Message me!

At one point you called yourself Triwarp right?

Byzanite's unicorn kid covers, has been and always will be my favorite, say what you will


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What do you use ant1? Ive always wondered. I believe you utilize the NES right?


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I strictly use lsdj