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loved this. so peaceful.

It has a bit of an abrupt ending! I was expecting some kind of send off, and then slam! it was over.

I'd love a 10 track LP from you to listen to when I ride my bike! Very uplifting!

SurfaceDragon wrote:

Nothing else compares to chipmusic.org other than playing in a band with like minded people.

But I probably feel that way because I'm hella into chipmusic.

I was thinking about putting some of my music in the constructive criticism or releases section and marking it "non-chipmusic" but I wasn't sure how well that would be recieved.

And does guitar/bass/piano/drum/vocals and other classical/traditional instrument stuff fall under the other hardware section?

Maybe the moderators should think about making a "non-chipmusic", " foxhole", "in your life/opinion" or "other interests" section or something? I don't want to bog down the site with a bunch of nonsense but my personal interests have always been more than just chipmusic.

I know for a fact that there are people besides myself on here that make music other than chipmusic and I do value the people on here's opinion more than those from most other forums.

I know this is chipmusic.org and was made to talk about chipmusic but I think talking about other types of music and stuff would be interesting and inspiring.

I know that you guys listen to/know what other genres of music I'm trying to write. The opinion of the chipmusic community is just more valuable to me.


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very nice:) I have no feedback really. Other than I really like it. I'd really love a ten track album of this kind of stuff to fall asleep to.


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very nice:) I have no feedback really. Other than I really like it. I'd really love a ten track album of this kind of stuff to fall asleep to.

Hello! It's been quite a while since I've visited these forums. I have been experimenting with lots of different types of music and I have kind of put chiptune on the back burner. I was wondering if you guys visit any other music communities/forums/subreddits whatever for other genres of music. I've really been into ambient music and house music. All my sessions have been coming out sounding like they belong on a street racing game on the PS2. I was wondering if there was a place to chat with other cats about this type of stuff. Thanks:)


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I haven't posted here in awhile! 10 minutes of ambient electronic chillwave. Put it on your playlist and get stoked for the summer!


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I'm working with a band and I had a cool idea for a synth backing track. I am just not sure how to get the sound.

The synth at 0:32 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bUPUklZa-6U

I know I'll get shit about it being seapunk or whatever. I don't care what you think is cool or not.
I'm just stumped at how its done. Kinda drawing a blank.

Its a basic square/triangle with delay and reverb and portamento (right?). Mine just isn't coming out like I want.

I'm in post-pro now, and I'm just kicking around different ideas. I'm not getting paid much for the gig so if it doesn't work then I'll forget it. But its aggravating that I can't get it.



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me either. I also forgot about this in the midst of some recording projects. Sorry, but Mudkip is going to have to pull out of this collab. Sorry guys.

I decided to put an emulator on my Mac since I didn't have one yet. I downloaded Visual Boy Advance, opened up pokemon emerald and the screen was super small. Not visible on my retina display macbook. So I played with the settings and the scale is way too big. It crashes as soon as it starts. How am I able to change the scaling without opening the application?

squidula was a name made up by my friend who had cancer. he was naming the character on his job for a cowboy shirt.
but lately i go by kvnrgrs which is my name without vowels. trap lord ova here.


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Reminds me of the music that got me into chip:) I love it!

SO! This is not actually chipmusic, but I feel like it's similar to what some of you probably listen to. Feel free to let me know what you do or don't like about it. This is far from the final version of the song. Thanks guys:)



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Woo!! Even though you spelled my name wrong!