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eboats wrote:

I have a Synthcart and Atari 2600 and would be interested in buying a pre-assembled Midi interface for it if anyone is selling.

PM'd ya!


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Shot you a PM back.


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Any left?

I believe Kitsch sold these mod boards.  I remember picking one up.  Yes, it has the decoupling electrolytic caps.
To do an easy test you can take any audio source and put the wires on either side of the soldered cap wires.  You should have
audio signal coming through.  If not, then the cap has gone 'open'/BAD.  If you have audio, then check with a meter and
confirm the OP-Amp IC is getting power.  After that you might want to check in with Kitsch.  Hope that helps.

If lines 1 & 2 were decoupled properly using 1uF electrolytic capacitors, then the caps could have gone bad.  Pop the lid and take some pics, if you don't mind  big_smile


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Man he nailed that!  You DO need Jesus in your life big_smile

While most will be happy with software replicas and samples, there will be at least one, hopefully more, but at least one that will want the real thing.  As I drink my Old School Mountain Dew with real sugar in it!!!


I have a spare that I could probably let go.  I think I have a spare cart that works with it too.  The installation was kind of rough though, I could probably help with that too if you are not a DIY'er.  Let me know if you are interested and I can get digging.


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I bought the last MIDI2600's from John at Highly Liquid, so if you want one for your Synthcart, let me know.
These were built by Paul and are fully tested and factory sealed.
I can work with you on price.

This list was a great insight into other sotwares I don't normally use.
Thank you!


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Found one!


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I see you are in Scotland and I'm in the states, not sure if you want to ship it across the pond?
Would $100USD cover it?


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Located in the US, Let me know if you have one you would let go.
Thank you,

Curious to why you removed the LED flashing.

I made a special one for my large modular.  I use a MI Branches to trigger it.