not sure if i understand your question correctly, but as it's about what is connected to what: when you zoom into the picture, you may notice little dots on the junctions of the components.
The dot means there is a connection.

so the left side of R1 is connected to "9" and the center lugs of VR1 and VR3. The right side of R1 is connected to the left side of VR1, VR3 and C1.

have this on the "to build"-list for ages, but can't decide if i want internal or breakout box, so i don't know which pin is GND etc.
hope this helps


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9-Heart wrote:

They also made a Visual Map for it.

can't believe there are only 5 in australia.
Or maybe it's just little-scale's awesomeness that makes them seem like 1000.


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from what i heard, the difference is basically just a misreading that spread through different countries. It was actually meant to be CDEFGAB etc, which is super logical and makes sense, but the hanwritten letter "b" looked similar to the handwritten "h" of that time's german handwriting. If i had a scanner i would provide better examples, but i think you can see how it could happen.
Why the (supposed) misreading happened in germany, where all this was invented ist still somewhat strange.
also, this doesn't explain why a flat H is "b" in germany.

BTT: thanks for posting 4mat! looks interesting!


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flute, guitar and piano until i was twelve. 20 years later i use the shit out of everything and don't give a fuck if it's any good.

my dad is a drummer. still mad at him for not teaching me in time.


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This is kind of old, but i'm planning to mod my c64c for use with mssiah. I'd like to protect the sid's ouputs and inputs.
I know, people have successfully installed low-gain's NESmod, but i can't shell out 45 bucks + shipping to europe anytime in the near future. So i'm looking for diy alternatives.

Would a vanilla unity gain buffer along the lines of this (the first opamp buffer) be sufficient to protect the sid? And can i use the same configuration for the audio input?

any hints would be appreciated!

i presume we could presume that.

pro tip: insert the plug while looking inside to understand what's going on.

warning: in case left and right are reversed, i'm afraid you'll have to figure it out yourself big_smile

DogTag wrote:

she said that it probably is "signal", "shield" and "ground", and that stereo jacks should have 4 pins instead of 3.

that configuration would be called balanced mono, but is of no use here.
actually, an unbalanced stereo jack is the same as a balanced mono jack, just the wiring is different. … 28audio%29

just look at the (stereo) plug you want to use, then look inside the jack you have. Whant you need is one connection inside the jack for each of the plug's three metal sections.

you're welcome.


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nice ep, thanks!

bloerb wrote:

why exactly should one be proud of Germany, Austria or any other country for that matter?

also, thanks for that!

...du nestbeschmutzer wink that stuff big_smile


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ashimoke wrote:

Monotribe has no audio input so you cannot filter any other sounds.

actually, it does, but unlike the monotrons, the filter goes through the vca, so you can't filter extenal signals without getting sound from the MT's oscillators. Good for sub-octaves, thought. There's a mod that silences the MT's vco, i think, but i haven't tried.
Should be awesome to have sequenced filters ....


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yay monotribe!

i use gijs' master clock generator (the one with the trigger outs) to sync the MT to nanoloop.
that allows me to have both channels free on the DMG. With hard panning, that gives me 3 channels on the mixer. typically, i use the left for synth voices ande right for percussive stuff.
with a little modification to the code, it is possible to clock a delay pedal via the tap tempo jack, because delays in time are süper awesome big_smile
oh, and theres also midi out available, just in case.

here's a recording from the first jam with that setup, never mind the nonsense wink … oure-a-boy

since then, we've evolved into something that resebles a "band" but we only do live stuff, so no recent recordings available.

PS: great stuff chipocrite!


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bought this on the flea market on sunday for 3 bucks.

looks like a shitty mario paint ripoff. Nice sounds in it, but only three tempos: turtle, human and rabbit. I used a lawnmower once with the same amount of control smile


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just realized i'm too drunk to see that this isn't the thread about the arcade synth apologies and please transplant my previous reply to the other thread.
my opinions on this are different, but instead of rambling along i'll just go to bed now smile

PS: i don't see how pointing out that he's married and a father contributes to this discussion...don't mean to offend but this kind of stuff always irritates me..


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...late to chime in, but i'm having a hard time understanding why a DIYer gets dissed for putting out something that he has put a lot of effort in and he thinks other poeple might want to have.
Ok, he can make it open source, but in the end thats his decision. Price may be steep, but i don't see anyone complaining about hunjebeau for a D`n`D`, mostly justified by everyone for the DIY and development effort.

don't like it, don't buy it.

i won't, but it seems like a fun thing to put my sticky fingers on...


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is this how skrillex got his grammys? do i get a refund when it doesn't work out for me?