great stuff, very comprehensive, can't wait to seymore!

could you explain in what way the modifier is modifying the carrier?
i mean from an analog synth's perspective, is the modifier basically a LFO in audio range (with keyboard tracking) patched to pitch, to the VCA, is it ringmodded or does it work in a completely different way?


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well, i thought with the cats and all....

sorry smile


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since this thread is going all nostalgiafag..

bought my first DMG in 91, first thing i EVER bought that was worth more than a comic book. 140 bucks of a currency that don't even exist anymore....Bought second DMG two weeks ago for a fiver. Prices seem to adapt to my income.


true story.jpg


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ok, here's a strange one:

got a DMG for cheap, condition is ok but there's a power up problem.

when i switch it on, the screen stays blank, no matter how i set the contrast wheel, nothing happens and there is no "ping" sound.
Cutting the power with the power switch in the "on" position and then connecting it again cures this issue EVERY TIME (both with batteries and DC adapters).

when i power up without a cart, SOMETIMES the black block is falling and there is the "ping", but switching off, inserting a cart and switching back on does not work. When i try again without the cart, the problem reappears until i cut the power by taking out a battery/unplugging with the switch in the "on" position or wait for an extended period of time.

any ideas?

also, read this

ok, thanks for the info!

looking forward to seeing more of those

wow, looks great!

any info on colors and current draw?

justinthursday wrote:

Also powering up the board can ruin the IC. I did this a few times and had absolutely no problems. But I still wouldn't recommend it..

what do you mean exactly?


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hey dog!

don't have the midi usb dongle, but the regular updater thingy and i'm running into similar problems: It doesn't work on my PC because i guess the dongle is somewhat not talking to the pc sad.
I'm running win7 x64. On my roommates PC (same OS) it works, as well on my GFs PC (some OEM vista).
maybe you can try it on a different machine just for troubleshooting?


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try to get a used mx802a, it's got the same amount of channels as the 1202FX, but TWO FX sends (pre/post, the manual even tells you how to mod it for pre/pre) and they are cheap as fuck, got mine for 30 bucks years ago. No seperate control over left/right though on the stereo channels.
bigger behringer mixers from the "eurorack" era are also dead cheap!

never noticed the bad sound behringer products are said to have, in fact i feel it even improves the sound compared to plugging stuff directly into my amp...


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you could also use the effects send to avoid impedance problems and have the effect available on every channel of your mixer. Also, this is what these guys are there for wink

there are several ways to do this:

- if you want the dry signal in addition to the wet signal, set the KP to "send" mode ("connection setting" in the manual).
Make a splitter cable with a mono 1/4" plug on on end and two RCA plugs on the other end.
Plug the 2 RCAs into the KP
Plug the output of the KP either into the "return" jacks of your mixer (effects volume is on the "AUX return" control, the signal only goes to the effect when the channel is turned up) or into a free channel to further EQ the effected signal.

that way, you prevent the clean signal to get fucked up by the rather shitty AD converter of the KP and be degraded.

the "AUX send" control of each channel gives you control over how much of the clean signal is sent to the KP

- if you want the option of only having the processed signal, you need to mod your mixer to PRE FADER SEND, like this guy did:
I did not try this mod, because my old MX 802a has both pre and post effects sends. Pretty sweet for adding delay on the wet signal only, leaving the dry signal alone..

that way, you can use the "AUX send" control to send something into the KP, even if the channel volume is turned down.



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complete and utter awesomeness!

they did their homework...

...sorry bout that one, but it's true


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nitro2k01 wrote:

I think this is what I remembered:

yeah, that thing is great and works really reliable, also the code is easily adaptable to clock the monotribe via trigger pulses (if you remember my comment on your blog...)

boomlinde wrote:

I was curious and now I seem to have found a device that does exactly that! … host.shtml

check out this diy solution … ost-shield

the code he provides seems a little quirky, but my arduino-genuis-partner-in-crime got it working.
lots of fun with the LPK arpeggiator and the monotribe smile

but it needs an arduino, so you might as well use an arduinoboy and have the same functionality with the same amount of boxes..... i'm writing this, i notice that this works the other way round ( controller->USB->MIDI), what we would need is MIDI->USB->instrument.... should be possible, though. Sadly, i lack the skills.

nitro2k01 sayz: I just did some blatant mod abuse to edit the quote so it says boomlinde and the link works.
shizcake sez: whoopsie, sorry, got distracted....attention span like a fruit fly....


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herr_prof wrote:

You dont build a mixer cause itll be cheaper, you build it to be more useful big_smile. I dont think he'll be able to undercut china sweatshop prices.


being a low level tinkerer, i couldn't imagine building a mixer that can do better stuff than the 1002b in a reasonable form factor.
but on the other hand, i just hate smd and double sided pcbs.

actually, i'd love to see this done and me be proven wrong smile
may put an end to my dreams about step-up-converters and car batteries...

also, every mixer in the world needs MOAR EFFETCS SENDS!!!

egr: THAT thing CAN be done cheaper, i'm sure. Looks like 4 pots and 10 jacks in a box for 50$...come oooon


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a decent battery mixer would be cool, but i doubt it can be done better and cheaper than this with reasonable effort.

only one effects send, but 3 band eq!

what i'd like to have is something like an effects send expander, giving me more than the usual 2 effects sends you find in small mixers. No idea how it could be done, though


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egr wrote:
shizcake wrote:



whoops smile

shitbird wrote:

well there you go...d.i.y  for half the price

well i am d.i.m. for NO price, as i've got everything here, but it doesn't work, which makes me wonder if oliver changed sth. about the sync...
hence the question if somebody tried it with a reportedly working arduinoboy