great update!
i love the soft pulse and step pause stuff that came in 1.7.1.
I'm experiencing bugs, however, that i hoped would disappear in later updates. Just updated to 1.7.3 and sadly, the bugs are still there.

It seems using the soft pulse in the R channel throws everything out of sync, running at really high speed. This happens with both the old 12ppqn sync and the new analog sync.
Setting nanoloop's sync to E produces less freakout, but still no sync. This also happens on some N channel settings, but i haven't identified them yet.

While i could live without the soft pulse, there's another problem that makes it unusable im my setup: loading patterns for the first time throws out the sync, as well as overwriting patterns with new stuff that's not on any other slot yet.

could someone please confirm?

i'm running a DMG CPU 06 with freshly charged eneloops and an original DMG-04 sync cable in case it matters.

replacing the connector shouldn't be a problem, one thing to keep in mind though is that gb link cables have two internal wires crossed over, so a standard sata cable may have to be modified.
does this kinda defeat the purpose of having easily replaceable cables?

just listening to this now. love it!

does ryux' arduinoboy support usb-midi or is it a standard version? in the latter case, the usb connection is only for reprogramming the arduino, eg updating the arduinoboy code.
the standard arduinoboy needs a real midi connection.

for sync via usb you'd need an usb-boy, which has customized code : http://store.kitsch-bent.com/product/usb-boy

alternatively, you can get a midi interface for your computer to connect your stuff. http://www.thomann.de/gb/miditech_midilinkmini.htm

or you could get one of these, i think it can do lsdj clock, too http://www.nanoloop.com/midi/index.html

not sure, never used lsdj, but i think i read sth about lsdj's sync modes being picky.
you have to set it to midi (not slave) or the start/stop stuff doesn't work properly...something about starting one tick late, if i remember correctly.

or so, maybe someone elso knows more.

very nice!


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boss oc-2, green ringer for nasty percussive stuff and of course behringer dd-600 in the aux send. Nice thing is it takes clock pulses on the tap tempo jack big_smile
the pitch shift/harmonize effect of newer behringer mixers is also nice. Don't know how close to that the pedals are.

maybe this is a good time to ask how these ignore scripts work...?


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wow, should look nice! Interisting mechanically for sure!
unfounately, guns are for assholes, so i'm actually no super hot for something i like being turned into a gun...

good luck though!

hmm it works on my nanoloop one cart...
are you sure it transfers correctly?

thanks smile

Hey, i just found this, thought it might be of interest:

sure looks like fun!

now all i need is an A600 tongue


...the Easter 2014 release date is set in stone...


http://createdigitalmusic.com/2013/12/a … e-friends/

PS: thx, sandneil


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not from HH, but HB smile


any estimates about pricing yet?


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i don't think it cares, but i'm not sure. I found that nanoloop is just looking for a rising edge, but this may not be relevant here.

but as lsdj is set to nanosync, it'll probably put out something this: http://gieskes.nl/master-clock-generato … ignals.php
so 50/50 pulsewidth should be ok.

btw, in case you want the whole shebang midi sync'd, PM me. I have recently whipped up something using little-scales excellent midi sync tutorial. The box has 4 midi thrus and 5 analog clock outputs, one of which sends nanoclock.


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TylerBarnes wrote:

what kind of clock is nano mode producing? Any way of simplifying it into just a small circuit? I ask cause I don't need or care to use lsdj but would like to be able to control the tempo manually like that.

nanoloop sync has 12 clock pulses per quarter note, so it's basically an analogue clock signal.
i'd guess any super simple square wave oscillator (eg 40106 or 555) can be hooked up instead of the gameboy, so you can turn a pot to change speed. Won't be tunable to exact BPMs tho.  Hell, maybe even two NES can be hooked up at the same time to beatmatch and DJ...