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rygD wrote:


I wish nanoloop one worked with super game boy...

it does!
flash it with the scrolling logo ROM! http://www.nanoloop.com/midi/one.html
may be out of tune because of slightly different clock speed, but it looks nice smile


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well..the vco-off mod is really easy and sequenced filters with keytracking are pretty awesome smile
problem is you'd have to drill a hole for a switch or sacrifice one of the waveforms.

in case you're working from this schematic:

if i remember correctly, the piece of link cable that is shown represents a cable that is cut up and soldered to the arduino.
When you check the link cable with a multimeter, you'll find out that there are two leads that are crossed over in the cable, so the pinout is different when you use a link port and plug a cable into it.
I think it's the bottom left and the top middle ones, but i'm not sure. Try to swap these two.
i can check if you need.


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check out diystompboxes.com
plenty strip and perfboard layouts + templates for self-etching. GET REAL DUDE, WHO NEEDS CAD?!


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just a shot in the dark, as i don't have the nlmidi adapter, but the previous non-midi-tranfer adapter thingy. Basically the same thing in green.
Seems you are using this kind of cables

what i need for the old adapter is one of these cables because the adapter's link cable side is for GBpocket-sized gameports. Dunno if this is the case on the newer NLmidi adapter.

not sure if it helps...


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use the effect send of your mixer to send stuff into the monotribe's input.  Experiment with all kinds of stuff thrown in there. suboctaves and longer harmonies from the gb are cool when put through the mt's filter!


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i approve of this.

ok, here's a question that has probably been answered several times: does the contrast wheel still work on biverted screens?

you'll look like peter pan in the tri pants

do it!


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did you do a lot of stuff in lsdj to change the songs?. some seemed different and much longer. cool!

well done & thx!


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...when people have opinions about stuff etc.


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shit, i missed it. mixcloud up yet? setlist seems dope!

8580 needs 9v, 6581 needs 12v. so you'd need a voltage regulator.
there was a tut in the mssiah forum for installing mixed generation sids, but it's been down right for a month.


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ceramics and polys are usually not polarized, so don't worry.

maybe i'll get around to making a stripboard layout this weekend, but don't count on it. Have this planned for wayy too long yikes

you can use whatever you can get. This isn't an audio signal, so it doesn't matter really.
rule of thumb says don't use ceramics in the audio path. I think it's not really about noise, but about different sound. And that's just personal taste. An alternative would be polyesther caps, i think that's what inactiveX used.