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huh, thought me and krotch are still in round one (first a tie, thunder round to settle this, now phase 2)
Was meaning to post something for round one - phase2 yesterday but it's been what i like to call a "busy weekend" wink and i didn't get around to actually doing it.
...no wait... big_smile

what about updating the image?


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none really, just something that i've never heard nor read in that combination.

carry on smile


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army dude

awesome guy


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not a judge (who is?), but should be ok...

nice track btw.
parts of it remind me of a song i used to know wink


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sweet tunes! i'd hire you, but you're better off without me smile


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hehe, i hear you. finding out the notes on this one really was a pain. i've wasted hours attempting to sync mssiah to the GB, some more hours trying to use the dr.sid VST and finally resorted to nanoloop. smile
still, this was more fun than expected and i really like the result (s-channel drums = heart).

so after the polls are closed, it's my turn to do an original, right? Can't really say when i can get started with that...i'll let you know!


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just uploaded mine!
http://chipmusic.org/shizcake/music/thu … ck-edition


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tri only, if i'm not mistaken


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AbductedBySharks wrote:


oh shit, how am i supposed to do this?! yikes

saskrotch wrote:

aw man i'm a grown up. i fuckin hate pokemon.

agreed, never played any pokemon, just remember the show pissing me off when i came home from school and wanted something decent on tv smile

i'll give it a try, though. After all, this is part of Shang Tsung's plan. Failure is not an option, or outworld will conquer the earth realm.

...better start...


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what the fuck is up with you people?!?! we need moar voters, otherwise i will end up winning this, which cant be right! yikes

also, whats up with 10spd?!

ps: thanks ppl, it's awesome! will get started on round 2 tomorrow


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+ it's what i've got and i fucking love it!
+ FM!

+ FM is a bitch to use (for me at least)
+ in song mode, longer patterns don't start at the beginning when placed at an odd position.

no double-delay option? this was the backbone of my sequencing steaz in 1.3...



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i'd say you can wait...but i thought now it was my turn to start a song?

ABSharks, master of tournament, please clarify smile


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still don't know what my opponent has to say about this, but i've got something...turned out pretty different big_smile

at some point i had to stop listening to saskrotch's tune and trying to figure out what the fuck he is doing there.
well now i know how nanoloop's song mode works, at least...kind of.... smile

hope you enjoy


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AbductedBySharks wrote:
Aeros wrote:

well, that's not very fair. hmm

Well, if Awesomecat continues to stay MIA there isn't too much we can do hmm

Edit: Alternatively we could have someone else take Awesomecat's place.

Any takers?

well i might give it a try and put my noobness to the test... if saskrotch is ok with that...in case awesomecat returns before i'm finished, i'll withdraw my request. smile

just watched virt's presentation, great stuff! should have done this before asking questions smile
i liked how he rickrolled everybody big_smile

in my experience - which is little - the "individual quirks" are there, but still a ringmod always sounds like a ringmod. Much like a LPF always sounds like a LPF. Different manufacturers/designs produce different sound, but the effect is always recognisable.

crosstalk is the thing that is really pissing everyone off when diy-ing ringmods btw. Prolly the reason the moog MF-102 is 300 bucks....

fedepede04: nice lead sounds and thanks! will have to experiment smile

cool, thanks for the clarification.

never knew that AM was a different thing.

bonus: here's a pic from german wikipedia showing what a real ringmod does. AM can sometimes sound ringmodish, but it doesn't quite get there.