i didnt take the time to read the whole list, but does anybody mention smh as a great artist?

nordloef: you have the right answer for the headache of the button layout i think. Many thanks for that nice idea smile
8gb: the layout IS slow, dont worry about that being fault of hardware.
Sorry for the late updates, i am porting this thing to c++ for better development. Port is at 40% right now. I know i should have that planned before starting, but i had to do it. Xpect a new version in a week or so, but dont hold your breath (@emar....). I dont want anybody to die suffocated xD

omg awesome smile


thank you, i assure it will be for a cool purpose smile

thanks! ^^ this is cool smile i think this trackes is gonna be a beast big_smile

hehe, ty nonfinite smile my icon is a...somewhat manufacturing process...:P

in this moment, i am trying to get an ezflash, since tintu sent a supercard sd to me, so theres no need to buy it, and yes, i will make it work. smile woah. thanks smile

Woah i love that tune man. smile those things make me want to make m4g faster/better/harder.

thank you everyone! Your support is awesome people. You wont be dissapointed.

thank you smile smile

here it is! please spread : )


concretedog wrote:

Been writing a really glitched out load of patterns in M4G tonight and was about to sequence em all up into a tune (well noisy piece of sorts) but just realised that when you press select and start to play the pattern sequence it only plays the first 4patterns then starts at zero again.... sad

I still love it though...its incredible...I heart the wav channel, can't wait to hear the fm and sample

my small donation is still sat waiting wink

man, make sure you dont have any D10 command, it throws the sequencer to the first song position smile

Sure, save features will be on menu in the next release )(

Cool! Then i'll make sure releasing a proper dat along with the next releases smile Thanks mate ^^

mmm i use lithium cells and they give me from 12 to 20 hours on a gba, depending on the soft used.