Thank you very much smile you're awesome Tinctu smile! thank you too lazerbeat smile im pretty appointed to make a donation account.

emm it doesnt think, its just displaying the logo, but due to a error, the logo doesnt show up at all, so just press a button after loading. ok im uploading a working save game for test. 5 minutes.

working sram: …

ok people try this, make a copy of any savegame on your flash carts
and rename it to the same name as the rom, extension as ".dat", or to ".sav", then try to make it save load. I dont patch any rom on my cart, just make a dummy sav file, then i overwrite it(in my games list) when i reboot the console after saving the data. The point is, thats on my m3movieplayer, cant test it on ezflashiV yet, i'll see if i can get one soon. Thank you for the information so far!

256kb sram

thank you! you all are also great thank you for testing it smile

0.74 Pre release

Just for testing, dont expect it to run as good as last versions. I upload this
because i think i have to show ya the interface btm, but i warrant this version is buggy as hell. Dont worry about any bug, im just cleaning up the code right now.

M4G-Tracker 0.74a_PR

Beware wrote:

M4G will run perfectly fine after it's been patched.

well, we have not tested it, so we cant know, take in mind that this software ISN'T at all free of bugs, bugs that usually official releases dont have, so we cant generalice by the moment. The only thing to know, who has a SuperCard SD already, has already tried to patch M4g and has been sucess to boot it?

and you say supercard is not compatible with M4G? hmmm that doesnt sound any good to me, seems i have to get a sc for testing too.

I can do something: just let me ask my sister if he has some of them on stock (she works in a Game shop as sector chief) , then we can make deal via paypal or something. So she can get all the gba's there and put them on reserved items while we do the transaction. They are about 15 €, so they would be cheap cheap. But it's only a suggestion.


So, i talked to my sister, they have 2 on stock, and one is a sp (19,95€)
the other, a common gba, its on 9,95€. The problem is we cant reserve it for more than 3 days.
They're reserved. PM me if you have interest on these two, maybe if not i'll buy them for my own collection tongue

almost sure it will do.

I agree with you about the logo. It is from the original gba bios file but  it sound completely different on every emulator you try, i.e. in noSgba it sound accurate, but there, the tracker doesnt sound like in the gba (then we have to trust vba better). Yeah. That sounds like a mess tongue.
Of course im testing it on the gba hardware : ) I would be shit if i did release a rom without testing it for real!
About the fonts...thank you for the help offering, that means a lot for me, but i gave the gfx task to iLKke, so that-s not my duty now, tell him if you wanna help, but I dont think it ll be necessary. Anyway, thank you very much : )
TSP...i`ll discuss it later with the gfx artist/layout designer.

pixis wrote:

oh man i want this.
but that would mean buying a GBA flash cart... and i don't really have a GBA.... damn it.]

There are DS carts able to boot Gba homebrew : ]

akira/\8GB wrote:

Is that emulator output? It sounds horrible.

Yeah. It¨s visualboy advance without frameskip, and a random song with imperfect  C commands on wave channel. I need to do some optimizations before releasing it, and that-s one of the reasons.
Anyway, what did sound horrible at all in the video? I have some curiosity...:P

akira/\8GB wrote:

Make a key combination to go to the next track, like on a tracker on a computer, when you press TAB.

Thank you for the suggestion, i didnt think of that!

akira/\8GB wrote:

A new font for notes. It's a bit weird to read (when you change to (D?)#8, for example).

Hmmm i¨m waiting for iLKke to have some spare time, then i think we ll have a better font. Note: The color of the highlighted items is not tweaked yet. it is suposed to be black over yellow, not white over yellow wink

akira/\8GB wrote:

I think it might be more useful to have a master level too,

Well the vu-s are not a definite yet. They dont work even, and they are there as placeholder for the moment.

Thanks for the feedback so far!

hehe here-s mine:

i carry all the stuff inside here, its kinda joke when people think im gonna get a psx off my bag but i get some gb-s and a bunch of cords big_smile
I also transport there one of my nes clones, able to boot both ntsc and pal systems natively. I love it heart


0.74a soon.
sorry about taking so much time.

1. I have the sp headphone adapter, but I made a DIY one before adquiring it, it's easy as hell.
2. I think if you want my opinion about this, my cart is the best option. It can run gba games on gba and ds, and can run ds games on ds without needing a slot-1 cart being inserted. I tried it on both consoles and that's how i test the soft on my ds too.
A question: Does EZ 3-in-1 support gba roms on ds and ds roms too? If so, i did say nothing tongue

try to find m3 movie player slot 2 people.