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Is it my problem or is 8bc down? I tried everything but i only manage to get timeouts, not able to connect and other frustrating stuff...after a week without being able to upload a file, i've been able to upload one today, and...boom...now this -.-....
does anybody share my problem?

oh that's kind by your part! thank you! i'm also adding you as friend if you dont mind ^.^

yeah, i say not bad because i couldnt listen a full song!

PS: I can release through a shop too, but that's not my philosophy. I prefer to gift people with my tunes rather than selling a efimere file. smile

not bad, not bad...


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: ) thank you for listening ^.^


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/me agrees.


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I knew that gfx resembled somebod....whoah you're right, suverb quality. Fav'ed ep.


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Some Famicom chunda chunda EP i did on spare times. Please enjoy.
Get Album (30 Min EP)

Track List

5.Your Rage
6.Swedish House Mafia - One (Your Name)
7.Wake Up
8.Sweet Flavoured Candies
9.Lone Highway

please only a bit more of patience smile Its a matter of days wink


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ugly as hell, but i loled at the lazer eyed people! the setup is HORRIBLE!!!!!

n_n ! big_smile i have turned on a computer keyboard using gba link port!!! big_smile then i toogled leds a while, then i think i fried something xD I'm almost there to be able to offer keyboard support on m4gtracker ^^

thank you nitro.


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that's crazy z80 assembler man!. only Gurus can understand that dialect xD

i'm working on making a keyboard work, but having some doubts, at the end, that technical data is exactly the same i'm working on. Btm i'm able to power the keyboard on, but i'm trying to send a byte using the keyboard protocol and it's a pain in the ass! Imagine, complie, upload to sd, plug sd into cart, plug cart, plug link-keyboard, power, wait to boot the cart, select game, boot keyboard_test.gba (homemade) - no response from keyboard...again and again...its a bit harder than running the compiled program in an emulator, but it'll worth it!!
BTW does anybody know wich SIO mode  ldsj operates on?

I had that flashcart some time ago, and it didn't look any bigger than a regular GBA cartridge.

an-cat-max wrote:

is the synth only presets?

There are 6 channels:

First 5 are properly Synths:

PU1 - Pulse Wave Modulation
PU2 - Pulse Wave Modulation
NZE - Pseudo Random Noise
WAV- Amplitude Modulation Synthesis
FMW -Frequency Modulation Synthesis

6th one is a Sampler:

SMP - Multi-Patch Sampler. Can use a kit, then select any sample inside the kit, being able to switch to another sample while playing back. Features 384 samples. I have prepared a nice and variated set of sounds, but i'll look fordward to make a program to make the users able to replace the samples conforming those kits.
BTW Greetings! Long time no talk to you all!