does anybody ever mail these crashes?

this is some of my favs
anamanaguchi - Meow <-- was this release in 2012, sorry -.-
knife city - knife city


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Dauragon wrote:

All "n00bs"!!!!



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4mat wrote:
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where's my 4?

oh hai mat.
*without the "4" its sound boring*


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thats awesome big_smile


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Heosphoros wrote:




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calmdownkidder wrote:

My noise channel kick, it says "danimal cannon is a little girl"

calm, down, kidder


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Dauragon wrote:

You guys and your "set ups"

I just have my gameboy.

LOL, im trying to get a setup

love it, i like when you put reverb on it


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SKGB wrote:

so... uh.... you guys are aware that the "drop" is not when the bass comes in, but the split second before when it "drops" out, right?

also: wav channel. wrap and loop functions.

you can make some cool "yoi" sounds


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Jansaw wrote:

Slam dunk lifestyle has a save available?!

i love knife city's music, he can get awesome sounds out of his two gameboys.

Tinctu wrote:

@all and @FerretBoy: WTF I clicked on FORBES link and BANG ESET gave me 2 virus warnings... WTF FORBES and malware shit... So folks dont click that link.
I dont hate Him. I dont hate people for their art. Their art, their way of expression... Simply I dont care.
Avril is not punk rock right. But she is hot chick...  I wish to have such babe at home for a weekend...

wat, virus i just searched "skrillex grammys"< maybe its your browser

lastfuture wrote:
Nizzemanden wrote:

nobody does that to a LoZ cart. Skrillex is not worthy ._______.

Maybe it was one of the 26 gold Nintendo World Championships 1990 carts

i want one of the cart so bad, *sniff*


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kitsch wrote:

the whole 'adding bass' thing is a myth.  its never done this...  not sure where thats coming from, tbh...  (like, there isn't a disproportionate increase on the lower end...)

and, it will be quieter too, yes.  you've bypassed the internal amplifier.  thats all the prosound mod is, a bypass of the amp IC.  you loose the boost for headphones but bypass the circuitry where the background noise is introduced to the signal.

(in a couple weeks i'll have a product out that will address all the cons/concerns you've got about the mod)

oh, and about the speaker.  it will keep functioning normally unless you change it.  if you simply don't want it to work anymore, remove it. 

it won't shut off when you stick a plug into the prosound jack, if thats what you're after.  you can add a switch and turn it on/off manually.  the original headphone jack has an internal switch (its an uncommon jack type) which turns the speaker on/off depending on if something is plugged in to that jack.

I saw something on eBay and he said he made the bass louder (some How hmm)

Subterrestrial wrote:
walter b. gentle wrote:

lol. i just mean like when people talk about dubstep sucking or turning into what it is or what not theyre quick to point fingers at skrillex. hes just a scapegoat.

I think he's quite a bit more than a scapegoat.... I do find it amusing though that Rusko is the self-proclaimed creator of brostep. They've both as guilty as sin.

Sin? Wat

nordloef wrote:
Tinctu wrote:

Skrillex is dubstep??? :-)

Yep! The same way Avril Lavigne is punk rock.