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dope ~


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this is fucking awesommmmme

this is really neat, and personally i enjoy the audio. i could definitely see sketchman's input though, playing to a "warm" sounding track. but none the less, the music now is nice.

this is greaaat, i've been messing with this for hours. nice work, very fun, and love the lsdj look alike interface *thumbs up*

wooooooooot, two days ~


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this is soso great, thank you ~


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best fucking album ever, period

goddamn you, miami zombies, maaaaaaaaaaaan heart

i had never had an artist name until chip music, so when i wanted to become an artist, i figured i'd make a name that had something to do along the lines with technology and such, and everything uses data, and the fix part kinda just found its way there.. yeah idk i'm boring


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great photos!


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Turtlesaur is still active and posting stuff on his soundcloud, he's fantastic. https://soundcloud.com/turtlesaur


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boomlinde wrote:

chip tuning!

wait, WHAT.
is this real?


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this passed weekend i was at an anime/gaming convention and this lady had a bucket FULL of knock off Japanese carts and knock off Nintendo DS', i should've taken pictures but i didn't take my phone in there with me. the only official things she had was boxed GBC's and GBA's.

hellyeah nice interview with Star Fighter Dreams! Matt is awesome!

madddddddd hypeeeeeee


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Dawg, what. Oh mmmy, get over it.