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My name is a game reference sad


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Compositionally, I don't hate my old stuff at all (even all the way back to being an 8 year old sitting at the piano). They were certainly much more naive pieces though.

breakphase wrote:
Lazerbeat wrote:

I'm curious what the database stats are. How many members have uploaded, average songs per user, how many song for users who haven't logged in in over 6 months and stuff like that.

Currently the music section doesn't really seem to work that well as a showcase because there is such a huge volume of content, I personally tend to listen to albums / eps from net labels I like as they have already gone through at least one quality / curation / whatevet filter. The consensus seems to be nobody wants a chart / automated ranking system based on likes / comments / plays per week or month. Also nobody seems to want to step up and curate a periodic selection. I think a forced quality control on the users by limiting the number of songs will go some way to solve the volume problem but it is still a pretty large chunk of tunes.

Ideally I would like to see an automated weekly top 5 based on something like the 8bc filter trash 80 wrote for the "top" 5 songs then a curated weekly list of 5 more "hidden gems" displayed at the top of the page with the wb player for back end. If "drama" is a concern then we could lock comments on those "top" tracks for the week following or something.

Edit : sorry another idea, top of the page could be. : Top5, hidden gems, all 3 tracks from the "artist of the week" that would be 13 tracks at the top of the page all curated or selected by different criteria, a nice little cross section of what the site has to offer content wise.

What if the top 5 curated artists each choose a track for the next week? On top of and automated "most liked" thing. If one doesn't pick a song one week, then it will be given to the most popular automated artists, descending from the top of the list.

So we start with 5 people to curate 5 tracks. Then those 5 artists curate for the next week. And fall back on the automated list if needed.

Or something.

That's a system just begging for a circlejerk. Just saying.

I personally like the idea of limiting tracks to 5 (Although I don't really use the music section anyway). Fact of the matter is that there are a lot of free services for hosting your tracks and barely anyone goes and listens through the back catalogues of artists on cm.o. At least, I don't know anyone who does. Bandcamp/soundcloud seems to be the way to go for that kind of thing.

Best weekend ever.


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Little two-track split that pulls influence from the likes of Morricone, Sergio Leone, and American Frontier culture (sure, why not!).

Enjoy smile


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Dennis Carlton ur my hero.

Oh you.


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Cheers guys! smile


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Not personally a fan of the "Will Pay You Once Crowdfunded" mentality - but good luck anyway smile


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Just wondering what kind of compensation you are offering.



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Hey guys,

So I released this thing on bandcamp today. Not strictly chip but you should check it out big_smile




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Is it just me or is this only left channel?


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Rainbowdragoneyes wrote:

Why did I take the time to read any of this

I should be ashamed

Yeah... I am stopping here.


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