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will be getting this soon

little-scale wrote:

There is way too much material being uploaded to implement this idea IMO - consider how many tracks will be uploaded after a whole year...

how does 8bit peoples deal with his issue maybe we can borrow their idea or improve on it?

arlen wrote:

It seems like a nice idea, but how do you pick out the "best tunes"?

it sounds like an awesome idea at first, but basically this would turn chipmusic into a netlabel... and probably piss everybody off.

maybe we could sell it at like a shop page of the website or maybe even send it to itunes hmm you do raise a great point though...

we hold a voting contest i think thats a simple way to choose


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Turtle413 wrote:

Got that trouble too...That and my computer says I need "administrator access" to do it. I can't figure out how to bypass that on my computer, but that's besides the point. (got my computer 2nd hand from a friend of a friend...not sure what the administrator p/w is, but I never needed until I tried plugging in LSDJ through a usb)

funny mine dosen't even acknowledge it and i bought it at blipfest this year too.  its weird and it kinda upsets me but idk maybe i can find a work around any one else having this problem???


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Im a bit of noob my self and wanted to know if anyone is having trouble transferring their data to a comp by using the LSDJ Carts with a Mini USB plug attached to it? can any one help?


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Sander von Focus wrote:

Hmmm.. Bit off topic, but that so-called Jumpstyle originates from Gabber. Something i did halfway the nineties wink
But on a nice sidenote, some 'legendary' hardcore/gabber producers are old c64 composers!

Check this classic track, done by Francois Prijt who was an active c64 demoscener for quite some years. Here's his website.

There've been quite some more old 8bit composers being quite famous in that scene. But i doubt anyone really cares wink

thats actually really cool I didnt know that at all


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jumpstyle seems pretty cool, but the preferred dance for chiptune is "the awkward white guy bounce 'n' shuffle"

funny thing is thats the truth it is lol though for every nullsleep set ive been to its more like rape the stage but in the a good way


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? bwha i know i misspelled it lol


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Flopps wrote:
Bit Shifter wrote:

is this question for real

would anyone else like to see Josh "jumpstyle"?

fuck yes id love to see that!!!!!


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maybe i mean ive seen how people are at blipfest and pulse but i was wondering how does one take an approach to dancing at these events


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What are your guys thoughts on it and do you think its appropriate for chiptunes?  Or what other dances do you think are appropriate for chip tunes??

btw heres some jumpstyle



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my favorite of all time is legend of Zelda Link's Awakening BEST MUSIC EVER


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http://gizmodo.com/5461215/windows-mobi … ue&s=i

well microsoft seems to have done it again pulling "inspiration" from apple and claiming it was their idea.  I know it says nothing about it being the true zune phone its a zune with a phone attached to it but to me the iphone  is an ipod touch with a phone attached to it.

What do you guys think??


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Its great that it is ending IE but seriously im beginning to be believe that google might become the next kinda microsoft in a way.  I mean they own there own power company in a small town to off set power costs for themselves... to me it seems a bit strange.