So your issue is that mapping.xml OVERLAYS button commands on top of what's already mapped (in case you want to use an external controller of some type, so GP2X buttons remain the same and external buttons do similar stuff). It actually explains that on the top of the mapping.xml page you linked! You would want to use confix.xml to REPLACE the current mapping on the GP2X. Further, there used to be a mapping command to specifically flip the GP2X buttons but it's not in the wiki and I'm not sure if it will work on newer GP2X builds. I no longer have a GP2X so I can't test it but it's:

<INVERT value="YES" /> 
original xml comment wrote:

"YES" to invert button A&X with Y&B (feels like gp32/lsdj). regardless of value, X always mirrors A and Y always mirrors B

Static Patrick wrote:

ive been trying to get this to boot on my dsi with twilightmenu and i got so far as the starting filesystem thing but it locks up. anyone got any tips? do i need to do the hold L while starting thing? (cuz ive been trying but my shoulder buttons are shot)

Sounds like the same issue I was having. Maybe check online for alternate firmwares for your card. That's what worked for me.

Got it. Had to update my R4 to the Wood firmware!

Dang, can't get it to load on my old R4. Tried the DLDI patch and everything. I get the following screen every time I try to launch it:

Initializing file systems
libfat init: OK

Any tips?

Chip music should not follow any different rules, laws or guidelines than any other music.


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theskyis256k wrote:

sorry if my question is stupid but does this link mean i can try out the m8 if i have a teensy 4.1?


egr wrote:
freezedream wrote:

Oh nice, you're right. Those were the days! heart … eezedream/ … mbers/egr/ big_smile … ollective/

Cementimental wrote:

Seem to be a load of these on Aliexpress cheaper than last time I looked, wondering if anyone knows how the sound quality is, and generally if they work OK with Nanloop/LSDJ etc? I read some reviews which say game music pitch is (sometimes) different which i guess could be a problem (if I wasn't a harsh noise artist ha)

Interested to hear any experiences thanks!

I'm not so sure I'd grab anything off aliexpress as those may not be actual official Nintendo releases and therefore might absolutely sound/perform differently.


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Nice! Glad you found it. I'm sure I still have it on my DS homebrew card.

Always great to get an 8bitbetty release! And quality AF, as always! Thank you!

The exact feature request I made in 2009!


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undergroundclouds wrote:
herr_prof wrote:

just a call out, piggy was built for 32bit os's, and i never got it to run on modern 64bit rasbian images because linux is hard.

That's kinda where I'm at.  I made a bunch of tweaks based on semi-educated guesses and got it going. It builds, it runs, but when I try to load a song it crashes every time. I ran Valgrind on it and it seems to be a 32 vs 64 thing in SDL (not JACK, thankfully). So I need to figure out how to bridge that.

Did you try the stuff from this post earlier in this thread?


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We run ghettos.

I've had both. WTPA2 is more geared towards in the moment performance. It shines when sampling and processing input on the fly. Storing samples and firing them off is not its strong suit, as preparing the SD card and all that is a huge hassle (no dragging and dropping). Also the interface is cumbersome to navigate since it's all LEDs. Microgranny2 was a lot more fun, tho. However, it was really really buggy and Bastl's support was offensively bad. It appears they've since released a new firmware that fixes the bugs, but it was like 2 years after several users reported them and probably a year after I finally got fed up and sold mine.



This is a raw render of the piggy tracker files that KeFF played live 4.10.2019 at bar Save File, Tampere. They streamed the live to twitch, but forgot to save the stream, so KeFF decided to put these out like this!

These are meant for live play, so it's missing additional FX and mutes, loops and stuff from the other PSP. Download the source files and extras, you can play them on your own, just download the piggy at:

Final song, Ei Vittu Kytät is originally by O Samuli A.
Mastered by S "sm0hm the egghead" Mattisson.

If you'd like to support the artist with some money, you can buy the album on Bandcamp here:

Otherwise, the free stuff be here: