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Sounds pretty awesome to me. Looks like all data transfer is via SD? That USB is power only?


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XyNo wrote:
BLEO wrote:

Sick! That's great to hear! Guess I'll keep my eyes open for a cheap Vita!

Hell yeah and PS Shell finally found the way to transfer files with the USB cable instead of wifi/ftp I think I would have rage if I had to transfer something like 5gb of samples via wifi lol !

Yeah but after the initial setup, if you could wifi sync all your dats.... tasty!


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Sick! That's great to hear! Guess I'll keep my eyes open for a cheap Vita!

I've messed with ChipDrum in the past and it's totally awesome! Glad to see activity with these!

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I feel like this is something I've been wanting for years, but when I stop and think about it, what is the actual benefit opposed to just syncing a DMG to a DAW? A high res display? Am I old?

I don't have to bring a DMG to gigs, I run my whole set in the box as it is so I don't have to use another mixer channel, I don't have to try to buy my Arduinoboy back from nullmang...


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I'm pretty annoyed by the constant bumps but have just been hoping they'd stop.

IIRC there was an issue in that initial schematic.... something got reversed. Try switching the pin connections? Like, it doesn't specify if you're looking at the front or back of the plug...

Dang, that looks cute!

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>>> DMG backlight kit | 3€

Not sure which version this is, it was a present, but I broke the gameboy in the attempt to install it (yeah… it was the above listed gameboy)

It's this, from nonfinite:
1 x 1.5mm Dual LED SMT Backlighting Kits V2.0 (V2_PROBACKLIGHTKIT1.5MM)
        1.5mm panel LED color Red

Holy crap, new David Mauro art in 2019???? Incredible.


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I would guess the Dingux version would still work?

Duck wrote:

thanks - I guess you learn what numbers equate to what eventually!

Especially if you read the wiki!

http://wiki.littlegptracker.com/doku.ph … #pfin_aabb

OK, two ideas:

1) Which build of piggy are you using? From that log, it looks like debian? There's a specific pi build here at the bottom with the ghettos (ALWAYS use the ghettos): http://littlegptracker.com/download.php
2) That being said, once you use the ghettos, different sound libs need to be installed.

sudo apt-get install libasound2-plugins:i386

And maybe you'll have to remove the ":i386" again, maybe not! This is what got it working for me on debian but I've never tried on a pi...

Pretty sure one of those raspberry pi handhelds with a cheapy $5 USB MIDI cable is gonna be the best piggy MIDI setup available...

OMG! Wish I could make it there! Where's my damn warp pad when I need one???


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Akai MPX-8 is pretty OK and probably the only solution that's cheaper than a Volca Sample. The biggest issue with it is that sample banks take an unusually long time to load, 30-60 seconds or more maybe? If you accidentally hit the button to switch banks mid-song, you're fucked. You get 8 samples per bank.