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Thanks for the suggestions. I ended up grabbing a copy of SIDizer and haven't noticed any noise associated with it. I did download Dr. SID as well but I haven't gotten around to messing with it.

Great recording, can't wait for that new album.


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I've been on the hunt for an accurate and easily understood interface SID VST for awhile now. I was wondering if you guys had any recommendations or comments on any VSTs?

I've used QuadraSID which according to the website is pretty accurate but the interface is rather confusing. https://refx.com/products/quadrasid/summary/

I like the look of SIDizer but would like to hear some people's opinions before I throw down on it.  http://www.hypersynth.com/sidizer.html

Or maybe one of the many free options are pretty good? http://woolyss.com/chipmusic-plugins.php?s=Commodore

Ultimately I may scratch using a VST altogether and just write stuff in HivelyTracker but I sure do love Renoise.


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Had a hard time finding the access code but it was in the FAQ.

Access code: 0F736710


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stargazer wrote:

Dude, is a physical release in the works? I would kill for a tape of this. So far this is my chipalbum of the year.

There's talk of a cassette tape or vinyl release nothing concrete yet. Also thanks, I'm really glad you like it.


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egr wrote:

Coincidentally this is my desktop background. You get me.


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Mrwimmer wrote:

Daaaaaaaaang yo.  I know I haven't shut up about it elsewhere, but this is REALLY good.

Thanks pal!


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7 Sega synthwave songs (sick alliteration.) Created in Renoise using FMDrive and some Famisynth.


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Just keep in mind when tranferring from an emulator to a DMG that some high BPM, advanced tables or lots of commands in your phrases could slow down a DMG to a point you couldn't effectively use live mode and/or crash a DMG.


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$500!? That's outrageous.


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Feryl wrote:

Whoa! Is it a... horror album?

Very interesting artwork. wink

Dark synthwave.


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Out June 7th.


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Very rad. Would love to hear a whole album's worth of ambient chip.


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I'm the TBA at the 6/7 8static show.


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Bones Brigade