Great recording, can't wait for that new album.


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I've been on the hunt for an accurate and easily understood interface SID VST for awhile now. I was wondering if you guys had any recommendations or comments on any VSTs?

I've used QuadraSID which according to the website is pretty accurate but the interface is rather confusing.

I like the look of SIDizer but would like to hear some people's opinions before I throw down on it.

Or maybe one of the many free options are pretty good?

Ultimately I may scratch using a VST altogether and just write stuff in HivelyTracker but I sure do love Renoise.


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Had a hard time finding the access code but it was in the FAQ.

Access code: 0F736710


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stargazer wrote:

Dude, is a physical release in the works? I would kill for a tape of this. So far this is my chipalbum of the year.

There's talk of a cassette tape or vinyl release nothing concrete yet. Also thanks, I'm really glad you like it.


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egr wrote:

Coincidentally this is my desktop background. You get me.


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Mrwimmer wrote:

Daaaaaaaaang yo.  I know I haven't shut up about it elsewhere, but this is REALLY good.

Thanks pal!


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7 Sega synthwave songs (sick alliteration.) Created in Renoise using FMDrive and some Famisynth.


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Just keep in mind when tranferring from an emulator to a DMG that some high BPM, advanced tables or lots of commands in your phrases could slow down a DMG to a point you couldn't effectively use live mode and/or crash a DMG.


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$500!? That's outrageous.


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Feryl wrote:

Whoa! Is it a... horror album?

Very interesting artwork. wink

Dark synthwave.


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Out June 7th.


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Very rad. Would love to hear a whole album's worth of ambient chip.


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I'm the TBA at the 6/7 8static show.


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Bones Brigade


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Holy Molar, please.