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Holy Molar, please.


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I'm down.

Renoise has lots of channels.


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Sticky. This. Thread.

I wish more people made chip drone. I've done some.


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$30 seems steep.

stargazer wrote:

Thanks for that poat max. Really helpful, I'm looking into getting a PSP now.

Other than piggy and emulators, what homebrews are good?

PSPSeq. It's a pretty rad sequencer style music program. Bit of a learning curve but you can do cool stuff with it.


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P dope.

Magic Eraser is basically super fine micro sandpaper. Perseverance and a little elbow grease should make those scratches a little less notable.


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tempsoundsolutions wrote:

lets be honest, if you really wanted to do this, you would be able to do it without any funding. $10k is too much and your song choices are far beyond over-remixed. the world needs no more remixes of these songs and probably didnt 10 years ago. so many bands and projects come about with this same tired typical tracklisting that its turned video game music remixing into a completel joke.

I looked over the Kickstarter this morning and thought the same thing. I'm glad someone said it better than I all I was going to type was "Finally! Another generic video game cover album."

I'd be more interested in this Kickstarter if it were a chip jazz project but even that's been done with Kind of Bloop and they only asked for $2000 to cover royalties, pay the artists and print it.


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Gameboys are dumb. Download goattracker and get to work.

Weird. I just re-downloaded AdlibTracker yesterday. Are there any guides on using this beast?


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Renoise users get the luxury of calling their music whatever they want because they've decided to use a modern tracker over standard piano roll DAWs. I use Renoise and I make Sega Death Crushwave,


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A fellow FM Drive and Renoise user. Very cool man. Keep it going, FM Drive produces really great results.

I'm proud to be a part of this label.

MrIndieJ wrote:

I'll definitely check it out once I can! I've been kind of fumbling around, trying to figure it out on my own, and can't for the life of me understand how to make the bleeps and bloops that I hear from games... Any tutorials specifically aimed at game sounds? Oh, and thanks for the CC!:]


I haven't updated in awhile but there's a lot there to get you started. Enjoy my sexy voice.