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There's always Renoise.


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Not writing Jazz helps.


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07 is pretty.


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egr wrote:

let the drones continue into infinity.

Forever and ever and ever...


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Just keep writing is the best advice and when you do experiment with something new each time. Don't get into a rhythm with your writing or you won't progress.

Direct advice would be diversify your Pulse instruments especially if you're doing dub stuff. Try and make your Pulse instruments sound interesting and different. Sometimes a 50% duty cycle Pulse instrument works most of the time you're going to have to mess with tables and different commands to achieve better sound design.


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Mrwimmer wrote:

Fucking plankers


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I made a video for the opening track to my album. Enjoy.


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Whoa. That opening on Nouveaux. P dope all around.


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Just listened to it. The album complimented well with my morning coffee.

WAV channel and drum work sounds good but I'd spend time on your Pulse instruments to make your lead a bit more interesting. Double up bass if you're going for dubstep or DnB. Complex melodies are a lot less important for these genres so I'd sacrifice parts of your leads to compensate for more bass in one of your pulse channels.


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Aesthetics are important. Deflemask could benefit greatly with an entire UI overhaul.

Another great collab!

I always knew the Genesis was capable of great dubstep wobbles I'm glad to see I was right.

Your link is broken though you need to remove the period after "micro."


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You can get some great distortion out of FM (Sega and MS-DOS stuff.) I'm not sure why people aren't making metal that way.

LilVoodooBoy wrote:

So before I start I wanted to say I read all the stickies and I am entirely new to this site and chiptuning. From what I have read all I need is a gameboy, blank cart, and lsdj ROM. I am planning on getting a gameboy and using lsdj with it, however are there any particular mods that would be useful? Is there an easier program for a complete beginner in making 8-bit? And what would I need to be able to run my gameboy into a virtual interface on my laptop, such as Ableton? I am sorry if this has already been covered/asked, I looked all over the forums, but either I missed it or couldn't find it.

Are you already familiar with Ableton? You can make chipmusic through Ableton as well.


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infodrive wrote:

I really like dr sid for percussive sounds.

I have some stuff on my soundcloud that uses both plug-ins exclusively, but the music is really bad hahaha.

https://soundcloud.com/lucas-noah-1/set … ebit-stuff

Good use of SID drums. I rather enjoyed that first track. Second track is good too. Haven't listened to the others.