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I buy CDs almost exclusively. If an artist releases an album for free that I like, I ask if I can purchase a CD copy as well.


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The Parodius series' arrangements of classical pieces are legendary - the Konami sound team pretty much defined the pinnacle of chipmusic (or SFC music at least) in their era:


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Jellica wrote:

I like how the website lets me stream all 4 previews at once. It helps me make my mind up about the release more quickerlyer.

Nordloef wins!


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Wow big tune!


4mat wrote:

which release is this song off?

aanaaanaaanaaana is the best in the world right now.


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ForaBrokenEarth wrote:

The wierd remains of an unused track from the orginal pokemon games.

This is absolutely insane.

Earthbound was bound to come up sooner or later - I could list most of the (huge) soundtrack but some particular favourites include:

This is pretty wack for a Square game:

The soundtrack of Cu-On-Pa is weird in a totally different way - its awkward super-repetitive melodies really sound like the work of someone who wasn't used to writing music:

Unfortunately I could only find one Youtube video of the game (the song 'Moonlit Sea' demonstrates a particularly interesting brand of timpani-driven random melody rave music), but both this soundtrack and many other great wrong-sounding .spc gems can be found at snesmusic.org.


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bryface wrote:

listening right now and is exceeding my expectations!

I can say the same, and considering how high one's expectations should be for any work by Poke-1,170, that suggests it would be pretty hugely impressive.

Release of the year so far in any genre!

+1 Gimmick!

Also - everybody knows the various Street Fighter themes but it seems most people are familiar with the clunky SNES arrangements as opposed to the far superior GB ones:

(couldn't even find a good video to demonstrate my point!)

What I can add is that Matt Nida is absolutely insanely amazing and rocks LGPT like no-one else as you well know. A.G. Cook is bringing the super-charged computer pop vibes, with a sonic vocabulary not too distant from the SNES and N64 soundfonts that we all fetishize. I'm also playing some ridiculous rave stuff.




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seminal works aanaaanaaanaaana currently the label of the year so far award

The best release was undoubtedly Kittenrock's acid compilation, Virtual Kikumoto. Some other nice releases were:

Gwem - Gwime
Yerzmyey - Strange Light Under My Bed
Jellica - One thousand two hundred and thirty four
Linde - Stone Soup
Fluidvolt - Reflections of a Dancing Leaf

People like Rico Zerone and Matt Nida are always putting out amazing tracks. My favourite chipmusic song from 2012 however had to be Joshua Morse's inter-generational New Jack Swing masterpiece 'Turtle Dance 2'.

danimal cannon wrote:

Here's an example for me.  I really like Roboctopus' Victory Lapse, but every time it finishes I get sad that there aren't more tracks.  And since I heard the first song 20 minutes ago, I'm gonna swap it out of my CD player rather than leaving it in there to possibly loop.

True. But an album that's too short is always better than an album that's too long.