Careful not to get washed up in the hype here but this is a very inspiring video. The fourth-gen inflections are very promising.

I think there's something to be said for the 'albums require more focus' argument but the general aesthetic of chipmusic serves shorter formats.'s single tracks (treated as 'releases'), Retinascan's 3'' CDs and 8bitpeoples' EP-based netlabel model - which pretty much dominated the chipmusic scene from 2005-2011 - inspired a load of people to do their own concise thing.

A lot of chipmusic EPs seem to contain filler anyway, let alone albums. That said successful chipmusic albums (by the likes of 4mat, YMCK, Bodenstandig 2000 etc.) are very satisfying.

Invisible Robot Hands wrote:

or chiptune secks scandal

You would have loved the 8bc years.

If you post on, you won't be going mainstream, so don't worry.

Just be more like Bodenstandig 2000, christ how many thread pages do you need.


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chunter wrote:

Going to leave this here:

Good old MBM!


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Not much to add here since we all know this is the best chipmusic released this year in loads of ways - it rocks, it works the Famicom like no-one's business, etc.

I'm amazed and quite pleased to see Ongaku Tukoolu Kanadeelu; is it just me or has that never been mentioned in any SNES thread here or on 8bc before now...?

I'm after a good quality version of JulieHally's 256 EP to play out. It's on iTunes but, if I'm not mistaken, iTunes only sells lower quality .mp3s...


YES this is what I want to be hearin(g).

Can tell there was a lot of love put into this (even for such a consistent composer as Yerzmyey) and I cannot even begin to explain how refreshing it is to see someone who a) is doing something with chipmusic that hasn't been done before and b) isn't afraid to combine genuine console sound with other gear to achieve that.

Easily a release of the year.


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"This album is not meant to be glamorous or a masterpiece" is selling yourself short! Was expecting some bad NES loops after your description but this release shows you have some proper tracking skills and an affinity for groove. I sent it to my friend in Caracas, so yeah new fans all around.


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fuck the squares!!


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As heard on the European tour!!

'Terrapin' will forever bring back memories of raving in both an old school bar in Liverpool and an underground sweatbox in Stoke Newington. Great to hear them again.