It's been a while!

I'm putting on a show at New Cross Inn with Atari legend gwEm + Budo Grape, an amazing Japanese new wave band this Sunday.

Only £3 entry + ending at a convenient time to get home!!


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phissionchips wrote:

I'm from North Kent...anyone else from round here?

I'm in Bromley, there was a minor scene here at one point (Dave/Flopps who did shows in Lewisham and put together a UK chip comp, Whispy Woods who I haven't heard about for years, some friends who have Nanoloop etc.). If you're in Hertfordshire it's worth checking when gwEm, Jellica et al have shows in London because they do turn up on non-chip bills!

I'm investigating marginalised computer music technology for my degree research project (think General MIDI, Casio's 'phase-distortion' synths, underused oddities like the Yamaha CX5M) but I've been having trouble finding any relevant academic writing. I know essays on chipmusic exist (some written by members of this forum) so there's definitely been research in this field.

Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated!

Check this out, I did one of the remixes! And the other tracks are really really really good! Goto80 knows what he's doing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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This is a superbly crafted album, one of the best LSDJ works I've heard in ages!


yo crew,

My debut 12" release came out this month on WeMe Records (Ceephax, DMX Krew, DJ Stingray etc.). It's hyperreal techno rave made with a variety of gear including LSDJ, Korg M01, Pocket Music, various tablehooters etc. If you order it directly from WeMe you will get an amazing coloured vinyl version. Even if you don't you can still appreciate the artwork by the wonderful Poke-1,170!!

A1) (You Need) To Believe
A2) Superhighway
B1) Bleep Crash
B2) (You Need) To Believe (MNLTH Remix)

You can get the non-coloured version from Clone, Boomkat, Kudos, Rush Hour and good record stores near you.


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This is really really good.

Also, shout out to Cheapbeats - quite possibly the best chipmusic netlabel at the moment!

All SNES, not including games already mentioned (Kuma picked good ones) and famous Nintendo-developed titles etc:

Pop 'N' Twinbee
Spanky's Quest
Super Nazo Puyo: Ruru no Ruu
Hyper Zone
Jikkyou Powerful Pro Yakyuu 3
Multi Play Volleyball
NBA Give 'n Go
Popful Mail
Super Adventure Island
Super Uno
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IV: Turtles In Time
Undercover Cops
Wagyan Paradise


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I've never been to Austria but Rico Zerone - one of the best chipmusic artists around and a super nice guy - lives in Vienna!

This is the most important release of the year so far, in any field. I'm not kidding. 999 MIDI files is such a fantastic premise for a release it's just ridiculous. The fact any of it sounds good at all, let alone that every bit I've heard so far has a marvellous Childisc/Kazumi Totaka-gone-mental vibe that I would listen to all day, is a revelation.

I can't even work out how the artist managed to make this. I'm stunned. Definitely going to be listening to this a lot over the next few months (years?) and keeping an eye out for new stuff.

Augustus Blackheart wrote:

We are likely to be some combination of guitar, Commodore 64 and SNES.  The Amiga and Game Boy are retired.

Very curious - how do you use the SNES live?

This is a surprise, I've had 'Foltrax' (my favourite 1-bit track ever) on my computer since 2009! Looking forward to hearing the rest.


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Yo crew,

My first 12'' is coming out on WeMe (Ceephax, DMX Krew, DJ Stingray etc.) in September. It's not pure chipmusic but prominently features LSDJ, Pocket Music, Korg M01 and various home keyboards while a certain member of the C-Men did the artwork. You can preview the tracks at Clone Records.


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Yo everyone needs to hear this.